Beginner Guitar 9

Minuet in G Major by Bach

Beginner Guitar 9, the great J.S. Bach tune Minuet in G Major by Bach will determine if you're ready to move onto more difficult repertoire in the form of harmony (chords & multiple voicing)  other than just playing a melody line. This is in addition to the next lesson, namely: Menuet in G by Bach.

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Remember that chords are two or more notes that are grouped together (often vertically) that belong to the key of the piece, in this case G major. Further to that, harmony is how chords are constructed and how their “progressions” fit together.

Melody, on the other hand, is how individual notes move through the music in a “horizontal” fashion. Bach, however, was a master of “counterpoint”, which is how the melodic lines interweave with each other throughout the music. His music was also said to be a great example of polyphonic music, which is how the separate individual voices (be they human or instrumental) are related to each other.

Even in a piece like Minuet in G major you can get a real feel for Bach's genius, to express so much in so few bars of music. Again, if you feel you are playing this, mainly melodic, tune with ease, it is time to step up to chords and more difficult harmony.

By now you should have developed your rest stroke and free stroke skill sufficiently to do this even if you're playing at a slower tempo. Play the music slowly without mistakes rather than to play fast, but full of errors.

Again, this piece runs the gamut of previously learned skills, and they come together nicely so that you may consolidate before you progress. There are repeated sections lower bass notes played with the thumb; sharp notes played one fret higher than normal; moving up the fret board; quaver runs and in this instance, a time signature of 3/4 or waltz time.

In waltz time,  the beats of 1, 2, 3 are played: strong, weak, weak; strong, weak, weak. That's what gives the waltz it's particular "flavor". You certainly should have a lot of fun playing this one!


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End of Beginner Guitar 9

That's it for Beginner Guitar 9.

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