Theory Worksheets

There  is a host of theory worksheets here for you to download.

They are a great resource, like the guitar instructions books, which help cover many areas of study and allow you to test your knowledge of theory.

There are answers to most worksheets (see below)...

Theory Worksheets: Basics of Music Theory

These sheets contain exercises on:

  • what makes up the musical staff both bass & treble clefs;
  • the use of leger lines; the Grand Staff;
  • types of notes and rests, including 8th & 16th notes + dotted types & rhythms;
  • how note stems should be arranged; the use of slurs & ties; sharps, flats & natural notes in music; en-harmonic notes...

Basics of Music Theory

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Theory Worksheets: Time Signatures

Time signatures are what give music its "feel".

You'll find them at the beginning of music where the top number means how many beats are in each bar, and the bottom number means what type of note used.

Following that are sheets of rhythmic exercises to solve and rhythmic equations to work out...

Time Signatures

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Theory Worksheets: Major and Minor Scales

This PDF file contains worksheets about the different types of scales & key signatures used in music, namely:

  • major scales & key signatures;
  • minor scale; natural minor scale;
  • harmonic minor scale;
  • melodic minor scale;
  • types of blues scales and even how to identify all major and minor modes in music...

Major and Minor Scales

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Theory Worksheets: Chord Triads

The triads PDF contains information & exercises about:

  • Close Root position major triads;
  • Close Root position minor triads;
  • Close Root position-augmented triads;
  • Close Root position diminished triads;
  • First-Inversion Triad Basics;
  • First-Inversion Major Triads;
  • First-Inversion Minor Triads;
  • Second-Inversion Triad Basics;
  • Second-Inversion Major Triads;
  • Second-Inversion Minor Triads;
  • Triads and Major Scales...

Chord Triads

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Theory Worksheets: Note Intervals

These sheets contain:

  • Major and Perfect Interval Basics;
  • Minor Interval Basics;
  • Diminished Interval Basics;
  • Augmented Interval Basics;
  • Half Steps and Whole Steps;
  • Major, Minor and Perfect Intervals;=
  • Chromatic Intervals;
  • The Circle of Fifths...

Note Intervals

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Theory Worksheets: Musical Terminology

There are useful activities here for matching;

  • articulations;
  • dynamic markings;
  • expressions;
  • notes and rests;
  • repeat markings;
  • staves and clefs;
  • string techniques;
  • tempo markings;
  • dynamics;
  • note values;
  • rest values;
  • tempos;
  • dynamic comparison;
  • musical modifiers...

Musical Terminology

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Theory Worksheets: Answer Sheets

Here are the answers to the above sheets. (You didn't think they'd let you guess whether you were right or wrong did you?)...

Answer Sheets

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