Classical Guitar Lessons Online

With these classical guitar lessons online, YOU can now steal all the attention (in a good way) and have people talking about you (in a GREAT way!)

And while I think of it, I think these just might be the best classical guitar lessons I have ever produced!

Listen, who says you can't play guitar at your age anyway?

Jealous people, that's who! They don't know what you're capable of, but you do.

And now that you are able to have these pieces, they're going to be insanely jealous, even if they don't admit it! 😉👍😊

So, don't get sick of feeling awkward or embarrassed when playing the same old guitar pieces to your friends, family, and guitar buddies, because now you don't have to!

It's time to feel admired and proud when you play 'Classical Guitar Gems from Across the Ages'.

There are 12 self-contained lessons with comprehensive lesson notes, music notation, tablature, and audio examples of all pieces!

You can get them here...

Click here for 'Guitar Gems'...

Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages
Renaissance Era
Baroque Era
Classical Era
Romantic Era

Get 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages' 

What's in 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages'?

So, what is in 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages'?

It is a series of twelve lessons that span the musical eras:

Renaissance; Baroque; Classical; Romantic 

Here's a list of the composers and their music I have included:

1. Renaissance Era: 'The Squirrel's Toy' by Francis Cutting

2. Baroque Era: Capriccio by Johann Anton Logy

3. Classical Era: Mauro Giuliani's Etude No. 1, Opus 51

4. Romantic Era: Etude in C by Napoleon Coste

5. Renaissance Era: 'Fortuna Anglese' by Joachim van den Hove

6. Baroque Era: J S Bach Ach, dass nicht die letzte Stunde" (Oh, that the final hour may not come)

7. Classical Era: Joseph Haydn's 'Menuett' for Guitar

8. Romantic Era: Melodie d' Amour by Niccolo Paganini

9. Renaissance Era: 'Almande - La mona my la' by Adrien Le Roy

10. Baroque Era: Villanos by Gaspar Sanz

11. Classical Era: 'Valse Etude' by Mauro Giuliani

12. Romantic Era: Largo (From the New World Symphony) By Antonín Dvořák

And at just under $2.50 per lesson, the value is insane! 🥰

Get 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages' 

Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages - Each lesson contains:

* Comprehensive ‘History and Background’ notes of the composer and the music

* Music Notation

* Tablature

* Video examples of all music (including full and half-speed practice)

All beautifully prepared, packaged, and easily downloaded!

Add to that the convenience of being able to start playing the music within seconds!

You even have the ability to ask questions about the music inside the portal. 

How many books offer that? 

Yep, that would be NONE! 😊

Classical Guitar Gems Squirrels Toy
Classical Guitar Gems Squirrels Toy Notation
Classical Guitar Gems Squirrels Toy TAB
PDF Cutting

PDF's of all pieces with comprehensive 'Background and History' and 'Lesson Notes'

What People Are Saying...

"I anxiously studied the notes for the first piece and was blown away by how comprehensive the background information is and how very informative, as well.

We too often jump into pieces and skip the preamble, but that's not going to happen this time! I felt very engaged reading through it.  Then you throw in a PDF with information about the composer!

What a tremendous build up before we even begin to start practicing the piece! How did you find the time to put this together?  You are a truly an amazing, dedicated, and compassionate teacher."


"This great project helps to inspire and motivate us students by teaching us something about the history of the classical guitar and how it has evolved. 

Very playable pieces are offered from the Renaissance era as well as the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods to introduce us to the flavor of the music of those times. 

The pieces are not so difficult that they will create a barrier, but instead have been chosen to both challenge and reward the student, stimulating interest in the beauty of this remarkable instrument."


"I first listened to all of the music, and every piece is something I want to learn to play. Eventually, I will get there. The Dvořák piece is especially moving—mostly I have heard it sung, and I had never heard it played on guitar. Love all the commentary."


How's that for the best classical guitar lessons online you've ever seen? 😊

Get 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages' 

Classical Guitar  Lessons Online Mastery Starts Here!


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Access the online courses and work through them at your own pace. Incorporate the classical guitar pieces into your everyday routines—never pay for a missed lesson ever again!

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Our classical guitar pieces have been used by many guitarists, with great results. With easy-to-follow videos and jam-packed resources, you can start improving at classical guitar quickly.

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You'll be completely thrilled by these lessons, and your guitar buddies, friends, and family will be amazed at your knowledge and skill on the classical guitar!

Get 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages' 

Classical Guitar Lessons Online:
Passion is frequently the driving force in classical guitar...

The classical guitar's mellow, rich, and warm tone, unlike its steel-stringed counterparts, is a product of craftsmanship and musical elements that have been honed over centuries. Whether you decide to delve into the intricate rhythms of flamenco or resonate with the soothing strains of classical pieces, the nylon strings cater to a wide spectrum of styles. It’s not just a string and fret board; it’s a canvas for your creativity.

Passion is frequently the driving force behind aspiring classical guitar players. A passion for music, an appreciation for the nuanced craftsmanship of the instrument, and a love for intellectual engagement. One merely doesn't pick up the classical guitar for entertainment; it forms the conduit for one's own self-expression, reflection, and growth.

A new string can bring a new tone and a different quality; such is the beauty of this journey. The willingness to understand the historical and cultural significance of classical guitar music sets apart the learners. This curiosity finds its roots well beyond the boundaries of technical expertise.

In this journey to learn the classical guitar, patience is your companion, and perseverance is your guide. The mastery of this instrument is a pursuit of refining technique intertwined with musical interpretation. The path is lined with complexities, yet the melody at the end reignites the passion with which you began. Doesn’t the thought of becoming one with the music sound liberating?

Looking to challenge your seasoned musician skills or, are you a beginner drawn by the allure of the classical guitar?

The start can be just the need to embark on a personal odyssey, uncovering the timeless beauty that's intertwined in the strings. One strum, and you're entwined in a narrative spanning across centuries.

To learn classical guitar, one should allow external factors to influence their journey. Yearning for a meditative break in the hustle, the need for balancing oneself, or just the thirst for exploring a branched hobby. Here's your outlet. The points that bring you to the decision will strongly develop your relationship with your guitar. Isn’t it wonderful that this instrument serves as an escape and a point of self-realization?

The desire to replicate that beauty and to produce that emotion compellingly led me to my decision to learn classical guitar. Isn't the enchantment of a haunting melody enough to transform your curiosity into a concrete decision?

When you decide to learn classical guitar, you are stepping into a cultural grandeur that time has shaped by deciding to explore the world of classical guitar. Imagine tracing the fingers of countless artists before you on a similar path. Mastering the classical guitar transcends mere skill acquisition; it constitutes a profound exploration of music history and self-discovery.

Get 'Classical Guitar Gems Across the Ages' 

Don't Just Get a Head Start - Get a FAST START!

One of the biggest challenges in learning to play classical guitar is to know where to start.

That's why I created the ‘Classical/Finger Style Guitar Lessons Portal’ which helps you to make a fast and logical start. You can join here...

Oh, and did I mention - it’s FREE? 😊

Just follow these 3 easy steps...

1. Enroll in the Classical-fingerstyle Lesson Portal here...

2. Select the lessons you want to practice

3. Start making progress on the classical guitar

If you're really serious about learning classical guitar, you can also download your copy of... 

"Ten Important Skills You Need as a Classical Guitarist"  (inside the portal).

P.S. If you resonated with this idea I think you're going to love how the portal gives you an advantage and a fast start in playing classical guitar. You can join in literally seconds here...

Classical Guitar Lessons Online:
The importance of practice for playing classical guitar...

As you plunge into this journey, keep in mind the crucial importance of selecting a guitar that corresponds to your skill level and fulfills your musical requirements. Scrutinize your budget and choose wisely; don't compromise where it counts. The perfect instrument fit will make your learning experience smoother and more enjoyable, too.

As you learn classical guitar lessons online, the importance of practice and maintenance can't be stressed enough. If you play your cards right, your guitar can become your trusted partner for years, even decades, to come.

Think about it: with adequate care, the voice of your guitar may grow and evolve right alongside yours. Isn't that an exhilarating thought? Your instrument is sounding better and becoming more resonant as it ages, just like a finely aged bottle of wine.

I remember when I replaced an old, worn-out set of strings with a quality set, and I was taken aback. The transformation was profound, with volume and overtones reaching new heights.

Trust me, investing in a quality set of strings can significantly enhance the sound of your guitar playing!

An underrated part of the journey to learn classical guitar is understanding its individual components. Each piece, minute in itself, contributes to the overall sound produced, every note matters. Try seeing it as a jigsaw puzzle, mastering one piece at a time, and ultimately creating a beautiful picture.

The variability of classical guitar is obvious. Different techniques allow different expressions, expanding the dynamics and range of sounds. Every pluck, every slide, and every hammering brings forth a different voice. Isn't it fascinating how our hands can bring out expressions we never knew we could, all with a single instrument?

Remember the tingling sensation of excitement when you held your guitar for the first time? Recapture that feeling each time you start a practice session. It is that passion that will propel you through the complexities and technicalities of the journey, from deciphering the tabs to nailing a difficult piece.

Fingerpicking Techniques on Guitar

Classical guitar is a harmonious blend of curiosity, excitement, challenge, perseverance, and passion...

Classical guitar is not just for classical compositions. The flexibility it offers in style resonates with the versatility in us. The musical journey is a path of constant learning and never-ending possibilities. It's a melodic exploration that knows no boundaries. Indeed, you just might come across some 'unannounced bonus pieces' in my courses that demonstrate the very flexibility I am talking about!

In essence, deciding to learn the classical guitar is a harmonious blend of curiosity, excitement, challenge, perseverance, and passion. With every pluck, every chord, and every song, you're not just playing; you're expressing, you're learning, and you're growing. Let your musical journey, be as unique and individual as you are.

In the end, learning classical guitar is not just about playing an instrument. It's about embracing a rich cultural and musical heritage that weaves a timeless tale. It's about finding your voice in the grand symphony of life. So, are you ready to tune into this beautiful journey make your own music?

I’m really serious! My courses for Classical guitar lessons online are what you’ve been frustratingly searching for. They can take away that confusion and frustration you’ve been experiencing and get you on the road to transformation in your playing – QUICKLY!


Classical Guitar by Taylor, Aged 7

Classical Style Guitar by Taylor, Aged 7


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