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With the 'Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0' there's no confusion or frustration in trying to figure out why, when, and what to play...

It's ALL convieniently mapped out for you so you can move ahead - FAST, and be the ENVY of your family, guitar group, or guitar buddies 😊...

You can follow the new and exciting, PROVEN 'Success Path' to speed up your learning and quickly enhance your skills!

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What Others Are Saying...

"THE best Fingerstyle Classical Guitar Study Course on the web!" 

Kathy M., Johannesburg, South Africa

"With 2.0 you had a hit, with the 3.0 course you've knocked it out of the park!"

Ed G. Ontario, Canada

"For me, it feels like he is my guitar teacher, and I am his student even though we live a long way from each other and have never met.”

Teresa L. Queensland, Australia

If you're ready to give up one cup of coffee per day, I'm willing to teach you the guitar...
Because that's ALL it will cost to do this course...

"No time spent doing what you love and learning to do it better is ever wasted" – J.K. Rowling

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The 'Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0' is the way to transform your guitar playing from where you are now to where you want to be…

We use our Time-Tested 'SUCCESS PATH FRAMEWORK' (more of this further down the page)...

Let's face it, life is too short for confusion and frustration when learning guitar! 

If you’re experiencing real frustration and confusion when trying to learn fingerstyle/classical guitar of knowing what, when, and even how to play, I’ve got the perfect answer for you…

If you're ready to give up one cup of coffee per day, I'm ready to teach you guitar!

More of this 'Coffee' aspect in a moment...

My new Premium Content, the  'Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0' will give you EVERYTHING you need in one convenient place, to develop your technique and skills in a time efficient and effective way so that you can start enjoying your creative endeavor to the fullest degree!

It takes you from where you are now to where you want to be on guitar – FAST!

This particular intake of students will close soon and there'll be a DEFINITE price rise!

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Hi! My name is Trevor Maurice, and I'm the owner and webmaster of LearnClassicalGuitar.Com...

Trevor Maurice and I'm the Owner and Webmaster of LearnClassicalGuitarTrevor Maurice and I'm the Owner and Webmaster of LearnClassicalGuitar

BTW If you have any pressing questions about the  'Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0'  you can contact me here...

 LearnClassicalGuitar.Com has been online since 2001 and I've helped hundreds of guitarists in that time.

My goal with this site is to take YOU from where you are now to where you want to be on guitar!

And the 'Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0' will do that for you!

Look, I know you're probably suffering, like many guitarists, the 'twin evils' of CONFUSION and FRUSTRATION when it comes to learning fingerstyle, classical guitar...

Indeed, many people end up giving up because they just can't get past this confusion and frustration - but it DOESN'T have to be this way!

I know you really want to improve YOUR playing in a time effective manner and to do so on your own terms...

I believe this Study Course 3.0 will lead you step-by-step and develop your skills in a more rounded fashion than ever before, and you won't have to go getting a little bit from here and a little bit from there, this book, that website, in a haphazard fashion.

I mean, I have conveniently laid it all out in front of you to do at your own pace...

And the best part?

I have now developed a ‘Success Path Framework’ that will super-boost your skills...

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So, how does the ‘Success Path Framework’ help you learn to play fingerstyle classical guitar in a better way? And how can it help you to improve quickly?

(BTW, if you click on the 'Click to Enroll' button, there is a little video on the registration page that tells you all about the 'Success Path')

Well, I believe everyone should learn to play using this ‘Success Path Framework’!

Here’s how it works:

In the course, there are ‘Core Content Lessons’. With 'Weekly Action Items'. (I’ll talk about the ‘Bonus Content’ in a moment).

In this ‘Core Content’ I have divided them into 4 weekly groups, namely:

1.     Studies by the masters of classical guitar, e.g., Sor, Aguado, Carcassi, Giuliani, etc

2.     Technical Lessons by Julio Sagreras

3.     Right Hand Studies by Mauro Giuliani

4.     Monthly Milestones – Which are pieces that will test your progressive musicianship and musicality...

Classical Guitar Monthly MilestonesClassical Guitar Monthly Milestones

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As you advance each month with these pieces, I’ve arranged them into 3 sections throughout 4 Stages. And here is where the ‘Magic’ is, so to speak…

The 3 Sections are:

1. New Pieces and Consolidation – You need new regular pieces, and those pieces are also used to consolidate skills that you learn as you advance in the course…

But you can’t just keep doing pieces that are at the same level because you’ll eventually get bored because you’re not being challenged, and you won’t improve fast enough. That’s why I’ve introduced ‘Challenge Pieces’

2. Challenge Pieces – The Challenge Pieces will definitely stretch your ability and improve your skills faster if you get them at the right time and for the right reason…

It’s sort of like when you go to the gym and you’re lifting weights. If you lifted the same weight EVERY day you’d never get anywhere, and your muscles wouldn’t grow. You need that heavier weight every now and again to ‘shred’ those muscles, so they rip and repair.

In a similar way you need a harder piece to ‘rip and repair’ your guitar skills, if you will, so it takes you up to that next level. On the other hand, if you tried to do these ‘Challenge Pieces’ every week, you’d soon give up because it would just be too hard...

The Classical Guitar Challenge LessonThe Classical Guitar Challenge Lesson

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That’s when you return to the ‘Consolidation’ period so that you can make that new skill second nature until you’re ready to ‘rip and repair’ again, so to speak. This is why it has taken me over two years to get the order of these pieces just right in this Study Course 3.0!

3. Repetition: The third part of this ‘Secret Sauce’ is repetition. It’s literally a ‘rinse and repeat operation’. And you keep doing the same thing as you move up in a 'spiral-like fashion’.

So, I always see this learning in the ‘Success Path Framework’ 'Skill Ladder' as funnel-shaped, a bit like a twister.

You start at the bottom with fewer skills, so the ‘funnel’ is smaller, but as you increase your skills over time, you gain more, and the funnel becomes wider and wider in appearance...

The Classical Guitar Success LadderThe Classical Guitar Success Ladder

As you progress up the ladder, your skill base becomes bigger and bigger, and you start to play and handle new pieces faster and faster. All the while, you keep 'circling back' to bring a formerly learned piece up to the 'Performance Level'—and  you do this securely!

And you keep doing this over and over as you move through the 4 x 6-month stages at a faster and faster rate until you have developed skills up to being a very strong intermediate player.

But that’s only part of the ‘Secret Sauce’ in the ‘Success Path Framework’. I have also recorded each piece at different speeds, namely:

· Beginner

· Developing and

· Performance speeds...

This is so you can play along and practice with me until you’re ready to play each piece on your own. And you just keep circling around until you can play each piece at the Performance level...

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So, you might be playing one piece at the ‘Beginner Level’ but be playing a prior piece at the Performance Level. In that way you can keep moving forward, but you keep circling back to bring each piece eventually up to the ‘Performance Level’.

I’ve also recorded EVERY piece both with and without a metronome in the Beginner and Developing levels so you can move incrementally from lesson to lesson and always KNOW what level you’re at BEFORE you ready to play it at the Performance Level.

There’s even an ‘Explainer Video’ for every piece to give you instructions and insider tips on how to play each piece!

So, for EVERY lesson piece you’ll see these videos:

1. Explainer Video

2. Performance Level Video

3. Beginner Level with Metronome Video

4. Beginner Level without Metronome Video

5. Developing Level with Metronome Video

6. Developing Level without Metronome Video

Six Videos for Every Classical Guitar LessonSix Videos for Every Classical Guitar Lesson

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And just as a ‘heads-up’, I positioned the ‘Performance Video’ right after the ‘Explainer Video', and I strongly suggest you watch that video straight after the ‘Explainer Video’ so that you can see and hear how the music should be performed and have that ‘in your head’!

And just so you know, I’ve done the same with the ‘Bonus’ monthly content too, to make sure you’re increasing your skills as fast but also as accurately as possible!

When you have this Study Course 3.0 type of instruction right at your fingertips and understand the process you go through to get there, it’s not only more convenient for you, but it also makes it so much easier to make faster progress on your instrument!

Look, I’ve been teaching guitar offline and online for over 30 years now. I know the frustration and confusion you’re feeling about how best to learn fingerstyle or classical guitar, and I’m certain you need a competent guide to do this with you, and I’m that guide!

You need somebody that’s ‘been there, done that’ and can show you the way. Point you in the right direction and keep you on a straight and narrow path, so to speak. That’s where I can come in with my long experience to advise you, to guide you, and to show you the ABSOLUTE QUICKEST way to develop your skills.

I want to help you use the right tools and information to get good at the guitar. I want to help you beat the confusion and frustration of not knowing what to play, when to play it, or even how to play it!

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Let’s face it, life is too short to miss out on this creative and fun journey!

You deserve MORE!

And we can do that together via the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’ that I have developed and tweaked over a long period of time, and now with an even better ‘Success Path Framework’ that has a proven track record of helping you to achieve your heart-felt goal of playing fingerstyle/classical guitar!

They say it takes about four years to get to the stage of an ‘Intermediate’ fingerstyle or classical guitarist. I believe I can significantly reduce that amount of time of learning if you use my resources and my ‘Success Path Framework’

So, here’s EVERYTHING you’ll get when you join the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’ in the online portal:

There are 4 Stages of study each lasting for 6 months each

The course material includes:

1.     Core Content with 2 ‘Weekly Action items’ for you to complete.

Why only 2?

Because part of our ‘Success Path Framework’ is to NOT overwhelm you with too much to do so you can really focus on the skills you need at that particular point in time.

It sounds a little counter-intuitive, but believe me, it is a VERY important part of your ‘Success Path Framework’ and will lead you to learning skills much faster in the end, rather than feeling overwhelmed!

And don’t worry, if you feel like you can and want to do more then there are the Bonuses I’ll talk about in a moment.

But back to the ‘Core Training’

There are 6 different Videos for EVERY piece, consisting of…

1. Explainer Video

2. Performance Level Video

3. Beginner Level with metronome

4. Beginner Level without metronome

5. Developing Level with metronome

6. Developing Level without metronome

2. 6Core Content Monthly Booklets with all pieces in music notation AND TAB and Study Notes for each of the 4 Stages

3. Monthly Progress Summary Reports to keep track of your improvement

4.  ‘Challenge Pieces’ to speed up your progress

5.  ‘Consolidation Pieces’ to help you maintain your skills as you move through the course...

Classical Guitar Monthly BookletsClassical Guitar Monthly Booklets

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Classical Guitar Progress Summary ReportsClassical Guitar Progress Summary Reports
Classical Guitar Progress Summary ReportsClassical Guitar Progress Summary Reports
Classical Guitar Progress Summary ReportsClassical Guitar Progress Summary Reports
Classical Guitar Progress Summary ReportsClassical Guitar Progress Summary Reports
Classical Guitar Explainer VideoClassical Guitar Explainer Video

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And now for the Bonuses

### Bonus 1: Duets: Every month, I’ll provide you with a duet to help you with your musicianship and timing when playing with another person. You get to play both parts!

### Bonus 2: Sight Reading Exercises to help you read music notation quickly

### Bonus 3: An Extra Repertoire piece every month to round out your performance skills and musicianship

### Bonus 4: Music Theory Lessons to help you read music notation easier and faster

### Bonus 5: ***Special Bonus*** I’ve created a private Facebook group so you can both get feedback on your playing and answers to questions on classical fingerstyle guitar.

You also get to hang out with like-minded people in a safe and positive community environment!

You can quickly see that the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’ is far superior to just buying a book or watching a boring YouTube video where you get no feedback but can get lots of confusion and frustration...

In our Study Course 3.0 you not only get clear, logical instruction, but you can see how it’s done and practice along yourself...

You get feedback at every point of the course to let you know how you are progressing. And, as a result, your actual progress will be much faster!

Weekly Classical Guitar VideosWeekly Classical Guitar Videos
Weekly Classical Guitar VideosWeekly Classical Guitar Videos
Weekly Classical Guitar VideosWeekly Classical Guitar Videos
Weekly Classical Guitar VideosWeekly Classical Guitar Videos
Members Only FaceBook PageMembers Only FaceBook Page

Another great thing about the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’ is our guarantee!

You have a full 30 days to check out the course, start making progress, and transform your playing! And if, for any reason, you’re not happy with the course, we’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

So, how much do you pay to be part of the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’ online membership site?

Just an inexpensive $24.95 per month!

Yes, you read it right!!!

Just $24.95 per MONTH 😊

Now, I know you’d pay more for that in just one face-to-face lesson. And if you miss that face-to-face lesson, you’d have to do a ‘Catch-Up’...

But if you miss the catch-up, most instructors won't do a catch-up on the catch-up, so to speak. You’re left footing the bill!

With the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0', you can log into the portal 24/7 to work on WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want, with no financial penalty, AND you get to do it at your own pace! 😊

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Here's Where I Relate the Study Course 3.0 to that Coffee Part!

And here’s another thing to think about. That $24.95 divided roughly by the days of the month works out to about 83 cents per day. Did you know the most inexpensive cup of coffee you can buy in America right now is in Iowa?


That means, YOU can be transforming your playing ability, and experiencing that 'Romance', deeper creativity, and having a heap more fun for less than it costs to drink the least expensive cup of coffee in America, every day!

You’ve GOTTA love that!!! 😊

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Now with all the value you’re getting with the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’ and all the elements to it, it’s got to be worth at least 10x that, right?

If you were going to private lessons, you’d pay at least $50 per ½ hour, perhaps even $75 per ½ hour, or perhaps even more, depending on your instructor.

That means you could be paying up to $300 per month, maybe more, but you’d never be able to go back over the material you haven’t mastered unless you wanted to keep paying for the same lesson.

With the online ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0', you can revisit ANY lesson you like at ANY time while you’re still moving forward in the course…

Indeed, I encourage you, as part of your ‘Success Path Framework', to do this!

At the same time, you’ll be playing and mastering the pieces at different levels, namely:




So, you’re getting the most valuable information and training for a fraction of the price.

Now be quick, because I am actually going to raise the price once I close the doors to this particular intake of students in a few days’ time. I am offering this inexpensive price to you as a reward for being a loyal subscriber to my site.

AND you won’t ever pay a cent more, even in future price hikes, for as long as you remain a member in good standing of the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0’!!!

Yes, you heard me right! Your price will be ‘Grandfathered! Your price will always be $39.95 per month, as long as you remain member in good standing!

So, I ask you this question:

Are you willing to join me for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day?

I’m sure you can’t put a price on the transformation of your playing, having a deep sense of creative purpose, and heartfelt happiness!

Surely that's worth so much more than $1.33 per day!

Click the button below to Enroll Right Now in 'The Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0'

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Here’s what just a few of my past students that have gone through the course have said…

Ed Gravel TestimonialEd Gravel Testimonial
Genevieve TestimonialGenevieve Testimonial
Geoff G. TestimonialGeoff G. Testimonial
Teresa Lynch TestimonialTeresa Lynch Testimonial
Vince Whittle TestimonialVince Whittle Testimonial

You know you can do it too! The people you’ve just read about were probably in the same position you are now.

And yes, it takes a little bit of effort to get from where you are now to where you want to be, but I believe you can do it, ESPECIALLY with the help of the ‘Classical Guitar Study Course 3.0."

So, if you’re ready to start going from where you are now to where you want to be using our time-proven ‘Success Path Framework’, then click the button below to ENROLL RIGHT now.

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Successful Classical GuitaristSuccessful Classical Guitarist

P.S. And if you don't believe me about the confusion and frustration when trying to learn fingerstyle classical guitar just look at how many scattered and ungraded resources there are on the web...

Confusion and FrustrationConfusion and Frustration