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About my teacher training...

I am teacher-trained, having a Diploma of Education (majoring in music).

Diploma of TeachingDiploma of Teaching

Well, it's been over 30 years since I received that diploma of teaching. It seems like yesterday, but I must admit, a lot of water has gone under the bridge in terms of my teaching experiences.

No matter whether it was at school, or teaching the guitar, everything has enabled me to gather a 'pool' of skills and ideas.

Lucky for you because I can pass a lot of those ideas onto you, whether it's actually playing the guitar better technically, or finding smarter and better ways of making it easier for you to learn the guitar.

If you're serious about learning classical guitar look around the site because there are many focus and study points to learn from and absorb.

Importantly, you'll want to both take your time AND be persistent in your approach to playing classical because the technique required doesn't come overnight.

Like anything good and worthwhile you need to devote time and effort to it but the rewards will be self-evident as you start to improve.

Happily, as your skills grow you get better faster because it's like a snowballing effect.

It's really exhilarating when you realize you are playing the music you've always wanted to and your friends and family will be mightily impressed with your musicianship and skills...Go for it!

Here are some pages that may help to get you started...

Beginner Classical Guitar Lessons...

The beginner guitar lesson series contains ten videos and PDF's that allow you to practice the beginning skills of classical guitar so that you slowly but surely develop your technical skills in a steady and logical way. Click here to go to the Beginner's Page...

Benefits of going through these "Beginner Exercises"

Engaging in beginner exercises for classical guitar provides several benefits for aspiring guitarists. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Technique development: Beginner exercises help you develop proper technique and form, which is crucial for playing the guitar effectively. They focus on fundamental aspects such as finger dexterity, hand position, finger independence, and coordination between the hands. Regular practice of these exercises enhances your overall technical abilities and sets a solid foundation for more advanced playing.
  2. Finger strength and flexibility: Playing beginner exercises involves repetitive finger movements, which gradually strengthen your fingers and improve their flexibility. This is particularly important for classical guitarists who often perform intricate fingerings and complex chord shapes.
  3. Finger independence: Classical guitar exercises emphasize developing finger independence, allowing each finger to move freely and precisely. This skill is essential for executing intricate melodies, arpeggios, and complex chord progressions. Regular practice of exercises targeting finger independence enhances your control over individual fingers, leading to greater accuracy and fluidity.
  4. Improved coordination: Playing the guitar requires coordinated movements between both hands. Beginner exercises help train your brain and muscles to synchronize your fretting hand (left hand for right-handed guitarists) with your plucking hand (right hand for right-handed guitarists). As you practice various exercises that involve different finger combinations, you enhance your coordination and timing, leading to more seamless playing.
  5. Rhythm and timing: Many beginner exercises focus on developing a sense of rhythm and timing. By practicing exercises with metronomic precision, you learn to maintain a steady tempo, play in sync with the beat, and develop a keen sense of timing. This skill is invaluable for playing with other musicians and ensembles.
  6. Musicality and expression: Even though beginner exercises may seem repetitive, they often contain musical elements that can be interpreted and expressed. By paying attention to dynamics (loudness and softness), phrasing, articulation, and tone quality while practicing these exercises, you begin to develop your musicality and expression. This helps you infuse emotion and nuance into your playing, even in the simplest of musical passages.
  7. Confidence building: Gradually progressing through beginner exercises and witnessing your improvement can boost your confidence as a guitarist. As you conquer each exercise and overcome technical challenges, you gain a sense of accomplishment and motivation to take on more complex pieces.

While beginner exercises are undoubtedly crucial for developing a solid foundation in classical guitar, it is equally important to strike a balance by incorporating actual music pieces into your practice. The exercises serve as a technical and skill-building framework, honing your finger strength, coordination, and finger independence.

They lay the groundwork for your musical journey, allowing you to develop proper technique and form. However, solely focusing on exercises for an extended period may feel monotonous and fail to ignite the passion and joy that comes from playing actual music. By integrating music pieces into your practice routine, you bring life and artistic expression to your playing.

Engaging with melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that resonate with you enhances your musicality, fosters creativity, and reinforces your motivation to continue progressing. Striking a balance between exercises and music pieces creates a well-rounded practice regimen that not only builds technical proficiency but also allows you to connect with the emotional and artistic aspects of playing the classical guitar.


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