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Beginner Guitar 2

Ode To Joy

Beginner Guitar 2 - The "Ode to Joy" is a theme from the last movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony. It is very famous and of course, very well known.

It provides us with the opportunity to continue the "rest stroke" practice we began in the Beginner Lesson #1: Hush Little Baby. Like that PDF, you'll notice that there are string and fingering indications on the music.

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Not only is it a great little tune but the melody notes are all quite close together so that, as a beginner, you're not really attempting any long stretches or difficult chord patterns.

There is, however, a new item to contend with, namely: dotted notes. You'll notice in bars 4; 8; 16 there are notes with a little dot behind them. The function of the dot is to ADD to the note half as much as the original note.

So that means that the "E" note in bar 4 has become one and a half beats long. O.K. Let's backtrack a little. The time signature (at the start of the music is in 4/4 or 4 quarter (crotchet) note beats per bar. So, if the first beat was one quarter note and you add a dot to it, it becomes...

One + a half = one and one half beats long.

Because you've made that beat longer it must be taken from somewhere else. Otherwise, the overall beat count in the bar won't add up to its time signature count of 4/4. Now you see the second note in the bar (D note) is only a half beat long. You can tell this as it has one tail on its stem.

The other D note immediately following that is a half note (minim) and it's worth 2 quarter notes. Now you can see the bar indeed adds up...

One and a half + a half + two beats = 4 beats.

Bars 8 and 16 are similar, but there are different notes. Be sure to watch the video and play along when you can so as to get the feel of a dotted note rhythm.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. I'll see you soon with Beginner Series #3:  Yankee Doodle...


Go here to view the Beginner Guitar 2 - Ode to Joy for classical guitar on YouTube...

End of Beginner Guitar 2

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Well, that's it for Beginner Guitar 2.

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