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"Julian Bream - He was much influenced by the styles of Andres Segovia and Francisco Tarrega..."

Although he made his professional debut over a half century ago (1947 in Cheltenham, England), he still remains one of the pre-eminent classical guitarists of modern times. Attracted to the playing of Django Rheinhardt when only a small boy, Julian's destiny was sealed when he received a classical guitar on his eleventh birthday.

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Although he was also studying piano at the time, (he won an award for his piano playing in 1945) guitar remained his first love. Indeed, by the time he was thirteen his reputation was growing way beyond the shores of his native England. So impressed was Andres Segovia when he heard the thirteen year old he offered to teach the boy himself.

When Bream played a critically acclaimed concert at the Wigmore Hall in London in 1951, his fame and reputation were sealed. Throughout the 1950's,  he started touring the world to rapt audiences. This was on top of his master classes and an international summer school he headed in Wiltshire, England. Bream received a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.) from the Queen in 1985.

Bream has recorded all of the major works for guitar and even plays lute professionally, as well. He has won many international classical guitar awards for his superb playing including Grammy and National Academy awards. In 1976,  he won the Villa-lobos Gold Medal, which was presented, to him by Madame Villa-Lobos herself.

In addition to all his wonderful abilities, Bream is an excellent transcriber of music for classical guitar. For instance, he transcribed Mozart's Five Divertimento's for Two Clarinets and Bassoon K. Anh. 229, among many, many others. Check out this great little video on YouTube of Bream playing Grand Solo...'

With the concerts, recordings and transcriptions he has made over the last half a century, Bream's position as one of the greatest classical guitarists of all time is assured.

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"Many years ago I heard a recording of Bream playing a composition by Bach on the guitar. I have been in love with classical guitar ever since. I have many recordings of Julian Bream. This is a fine collection for anyone interested in classical guitar. There are two CD's in this set. Most of the selections are simply the guitar. My favorite among these are "Recuerdos de la Alhambra", "Valses Poeticos", and "Suite Espanola, opus 47/Granada."

My sentiments exactly!

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