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John Williams

Master Of The Classical Guitar

John Williams is best known as a classical guitarist, but has explored many different musical traditions...

He is one of the finest classical guitarists of all time. Though he has delved into other areas of guitar and music that wouldn't be regarded as "classical guitar", he nevertheless remains as one of its most proficient players in all guitar history.

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Indeed, some people say, by varying the repertoire to include music from "all walks of life" has probably ensured the instruments' survival as a viable long-term popular classical instrument. Williams was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1941. His parents had migrated from England but ended up going back there some years later. This was in no small part due to the policies of the then conservative Menzies government who didn't fit with the Bohemian ideals of the Williams'.

Although Williams was taught guitar by Segovia, he was actually first taught by his own father Len, who was a pretty dab hand at the guitar, particularly jazz. His tuition began at the age of seven. By the age of eleven, Williams had impressed Segovia who convinced his father to send him to the Academia Musicale Chigiana de Sienna in Italy.

It was here that Segovia ran his famous "Summer Schools" and Williams won a scholarship there for the next five years. Indeed, at the request of his fellow students, he gave the first solo recital by a student of any instrument, so highly was his playing regarded.

Williams also studied piano and music theory at the Royal College of Music in London. According to Maurice Summerfield he gave his debut performance in the Wigmore Hall in London in 1958...

Check out this great little video on Google of Williams playing Barrios- Mangore...

Look also at a piece he is famous for the world over, namely: Cavatina...

Williams continues to tour successfully  around the world to this day. He has played in all types of ensembles as well as solo situations and can be regarded as one of the guitar greats of any epoch and any style.

Go here for music played by John Williams...

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Did you know that on his own personal website Williams provides transcriptions of music for zero charge? Here's what he says...

"I have often been asked for the music of my transcriptions and original pieces and I have wondered how best to make them available. My main concern has been that for many people in the world published music has become too expensive to buy, even if one can find it. 

The internet makes it possible for me to make available transcriptions and original pieces anywhere in the world and for no charge; of course the usual copyright laws - PRS/MCPS - apply to public performance, recording and transmission, but the sheet music for download from this site is free. 

I am not seeking to replace published music in principal - printed editions still have unique qualities and in many cases are irreplaceable, especially in larger scores and commemorative editions: but solo guitar music seems to me ideally suited to being made available free on the internet. Also on this site you will find: editorial contains an explanation of the general style chosen for notation. music contains the music! notes will include information on the music, and news will include details of forthcoming music on the site, recent CDs and other news.

I am very sorry that I do not have time to join in any discussion of questions that this site might raise, but I hope that its contents will be useful.

John Williams, London, 2009"

You can see his personal website here...

More John Williams...

For more on John and the classical guitar go here...

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