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This guitar store is one way I can help you with your hobby/passion of classical guitar. Everything you'd expect...right? Right! In fact, I only link to quality sites for you.

The reason I've chosen Amazon for my store is because of their long-term commitment to supplying excellent service to their online customers over the years. Indeed, they have become one of the largest online dealer of musical instruments and music gear online. That's something you just DON'T fluke.

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The way I've arranged this store has nothing to do with quality of the instrument. I'm sure you're quite capable of knowing your own tastes and desires! I just want to make your search that more comfortable. So, browse through this store in the knowledge that you're getting quality products. All this from an excellent and SAFE merchant who has an ethos of great service.

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Although the Cordoba guitar company was created as recently as 1997, they have quickly become known for their quality classical guitars. I remember working at the Penrith School of Guitar at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia and when the Cordoba range became available they sold like hot cakes, as it were. They are quickly becoming the 'guitar of choice' for the guitarist looking for a quality though inexpensive guitar!

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Ibanez guitars were founded in Japan by Hoshino Gakki company, originally way back in 1908. Although they make a very wide range and types of guitar (over 300) from electric to acoustic, their classical range is always of quality and are a much sought after instrument among classical players...


Guitar Item #3

The Takamine company has been around for over fifty years. It was started in in 1959 in Japan and has stood the test of time. Indeed, the company took its name from nearby Mt Takamine in the town of Sakashita, in the Ena district and the Gifu prefecture...

As the guitar has become more popular in Japan, including the classical guitar, the company itself has grown and grown. Even though the company has become bigger they haven't sacrificed quality for quantity so that their reputation remains intact to this very day.

Indeed, the name Takamine is synonymous with the notion of quality guitars.

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