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Classical Guitar Blog Entry:
Andrés Segovia Documentary

Classical Guitar Blog Entry:
Andrés Segovia Plays Bach, Sor, and Torroba in Classic Old Video

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 
Andrés Segovia: Guitar Concerto N°1, Op.99 - Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Classical Guitar Blog Entry:
J. S. BACH, Prelude, Bourrée BWV 996, Narciso YEPES, 10-string guitar

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 
Anna Vidovic Plays Allegro BWV 998 by Bach 

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 
Leo Brouwer Plays Guitar 1960's/ Early 1970's 

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 
Denis Azerbajic Teaches The Chaconne

Unfortunately, it's going to take this girl a while longer and MUCH more life experience until she can play this piece like Denis. I don't think she really gets it. To be fair though, how many of us could play like Denis?

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 

Scott Morris on Tone Production

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 

David Russell

Classical Guitar Blog Post

I've always loved David Russell's playing. Here he plays some Grieg just because it is his birthday...Grieg's that is! :)) 

Classical Guitar Blog Entry: 

Segovia Un-Revised!

Classical Guitar Blog Post

I can't believe that so many people want to "rag" on Segovia. Yes, he was a little peculiar with the benefit of hindsight, but you must remember, none of us would be going down this road if it weren't for a few highly dedicated individuals - chiefly Segovia!

The above video shows him at an advanced age, looks like in his 80's to me, playing what must be one of the hardest pieces in the repertoire, namely: Leyenda by Albeniz. Consider this as well: He plays for about 7 minutes without mistake. Yes, it's a little "thin" at times but let me see YOU do that in your 80's! J

For the Segovia video Go here ...

Anyhow, I just thought that I pay some credit where credit was due. You can revise history all you like but when it comes down to it, Segovia was a talented and dedicated man, whichever way you "dice it".

Los Romeros - Yes, They ALL Have Talent!

For the Los Romeros video Go here ...

Classical Guitar Blog Post

Recently I added an entry to this classical guitar blog about the Rhythm of Pepe Romero (see below). You can observe his obvious ridiculously outrageous talent for guitar. I mean, how is it that he gets so much and we're left the scraps! J

Seriously though, I'm always impressed with such talent and dedication, but to see the whole family A.K.A. "Los Romeros" on display is also a magnificent treat. One lament I have is that there doesn't seem to be as much dedication to these types of pure art as there once was. Or is that me just getting old?

Yes, I know, look around, look around, but gee I do miss this type of dedication to living and breathing the instrument, rather than just playing it.

Göran the Great!

For the Goran video Go here ...

Classical Guitar Blog Post

I don't know why I haven't championed Göran Söllscher very much in the past. As you can see in the video above where he is playing the Bourrée and Gigue by J.S. Bach (BWV996)‏, LIVE mind you, he is a classical guitar master. Listen to the tone production. Observe his deft touch and musicianship and there's no way you could feel anything but admiration and be impressed by this musician. He certainly deserves to be in my timeline of guitar players as one of the finest guitar player/musicians of our time.

I remember first hearing him play the famous Cavatina by Stanley Myers when I was first leaning the piece. I also remember being mightily impressed by this guy who seemed to play classical guitar so effortlessly. That's the trick though - make it seem like it is so easy, but we all know differently don't we! :))

Anyway,  just watch and enjoy this video and you should be sufficiently inspired to develop your technique further and be an "effortless player" too. By the way, have a closer look at his 11 string Alto guitar, which is now a rare and valuable instrument.

The Rhythm of Pepe Romero 

Classical Guitar Blog Post

Pepe Romero has been another one of my guitar heroes since I became aware of the instrument. In this video he plays a piece called Bulerias. You have to watch to believe the rendering of sheer speed and accuracy of the rhythmic requirements of the piece. If they said Romero was actually a specially created classical/flamenco guitar cyborg capable of a playing speed and accuracy way beyond mere mortals I'd tend to believe them! :)

Anyway, here's the video, and ENJOY!

P.S. The video is a bit " grainy' at the beginning but gets better quickly.

For the Pepe Romero video Go here ...

This is why John Williams is so good...

Classical Guitar Blog Post

For the longest time John Williams has been one of my major classical guitar heroes. Not only is he a magnificent technician, he bravely champions music that isn't regarded as "repertoire de rigueur", as it were. In this case it is the highly energetic, melodically pleasing and rhythmically challenging "Sunburst" by Andrew York...

For the John Williams video Go here ...

Some Views on Strengthening Your Nails for Guitar

Classical Guitar Blog Post - May 2013:

Recently I sent out one of my regular P.D.F. pieces for classical guitar to my subscribers. I apologized for not posting for a while explaining that I've had a few problems with my nails in terms of splitting and breaking. 

What I didn't expect was the avalanche of advice from my subscribers on helping to keep my nails in good condition. I really appreciate their kindness and help. Following are some of the responses I received which might be helpful for you also...

Per your comments about nail problems, I am including a brief description of what cured my various nail problems permanently. My growing nails soon bent over when growing even a little bit.  My nails were also thin and easily tore, split or broke. I did some research and tried some dietary supplements.  I take a daily dietary supplement, actually several supplements together, daily.

My nails now are much, much stronger.  They are thicker, they grow much faster than before and they no longer curve or bend but just grow straight out.  This takes patience to achieve because the supplements help the new growth, so be patient and take the supplements which also happen to be good for skin, hair and nails.

1. One general multivitamin and mineral tablet of a normal daily dosage type.  This is just for general health, not nails health specific.
2. 1500 mcg (microgram) of Biotin (3 each of 5000 mcg Biotin capsules).
3. Hair, Skin and Nails daily supplement. (tablet or capsule)

This really works and has a firm basis in nutritional science and I can testify that it works very well. The Biotin is available from many sources.  A single 5000 mcg capsule of Biotin will work, but slower.  Biotin one of the many forms of vitamin B and is a special form that the body uses as raw material for skin, hair and nails.  I found that 1500 mcg of Biotin daily gives very visible and strong positive results in fingernail strength and growth.

The Hair, Skin and Nails supplement, a single tablet or capsule with a number of compounds, is offered by many vitamin sellers. I have tried several and found them all similar, providing the additional substances that complement the Biotin.  I recommend the Hair, Skin and Nails.

Here is what to look for in any acceptable Hair, Skin and Nails supplement per tablet/capsule:
MSM 500 to 700 mg
Horsetail 500 mg
L-Cysteine 100 mg
Choline 50 mg
Inositol 25 mg

The specific content should contain at least these compounds in at least these doses and be recommended for daily use, up to twice daily, though I recommend only one per day with the daily Biotin.

These are the necessary contents of the Hair, Skin and Nails supplement.  It is fine if you choose one that has these compounds and also has gelatin (doesn’t hurt, but really doesn’t help much – it's more of an urban legend), or even Biotin, but take the separate daily Biotin, no matter what.  You can research these individual compounds if you want more information.

If you have any concerns, of course talk to your doctor, or better yet, a certified nutritionist. 
I now have fast growing, iron-hard and straight fingernails.  This means I have to constantly file them but this gives me continuous good nail material.  I use micro-mesh for filing, from coarse grain to fine grain mesh, for the filing when I need to remove nail (it grows fast!) to medium and fine grain mesh for polishing.  The micro-mesh really makes a difference in play-ability condition of the nails!

I buy my micro-mesh in stick form, similar to a fingernail file, rather than in squares.  I buy my micro-mesh from a commercial, industrial micro-mesh manufacturer directly.  They have an online website with a storefront. Let me know if you want micro-mesh information.

I have to file the nails weekly to keep them the right length and of course I “file polish” the nails with fine-grain micro-mesh before each time I play the guitar.

A good nail hardener does help, but it is not the cure for the nails.  It will harden the nails.  Most finger style steel string players have acrylic nail hardener applied once a week.  This may help you a little bit with your nail problem but is more of mild to moderate hardener and will not resolve your nail health issues.

I sometimes use acrylic nail hardener if I am going to pick steel strings, though frankly my nails are now so strong that I can play a steel string guitar like a dreadnought regularly and I see no real wear on the nails.

That’s about it.  I hope this helps you cure your fingernail woes

Best Regards,

My solution for weak nails is a raw clove of split garlic rubbed well into the nails and massage each nail with the clove for a few minutes and allow to dry. Wait for the oil to dry before wiping off the excess dried garlic.(Don't worry about the smell, as the results are worth it!)

I do this whenever my nails are dry and brittle. The finish is similar to a coat of clear lacquer. I have tried garlic oil from the bottle but the results are not the same.

 Good luck.


Sorry to hear about your nail problems. I spoke to a fellow guitarist some time ago, complaining that I was always breaking and "nibbing" my nails. He advised me to eat three or four Brazil Nuts every day.

Although I was skeptical I thought - why not? Since then I have eaten four Brazil Nuts every day (two years now) and have NEVER since broken a nail! Also my nails seem to produce a better sound! Hope it works for you.


 P.S. hope you like Brazil nuts!!

I empathize with your nail dilemma. I have this problem continuously, but have found satisfactory solution with fake nails. I always have one or two glued on.

They last about a week, sometimes more, and I keep putting them back on. Not as good as your own nails, but they work. I suppose you must have tried some of this already yourself.



About your nails problem some people say the castor oil is useful if you are using it on your nails daily. I didn't try it myself but for shore this will not make your nails worst.

Best regards,

Well I hope that was helpful. The link to my original page on shaping you nails for guitar playing is here...


Preparing a Piece of Music

Classical Guitar Blog Post - May 2013:

Back in 2010, Christopher Davis of www.classicalguitar.org wrote an article on preparing a score. Mr Davis is good at writing short pithy articles on guitar technique and other classical guitar matters so I can highly recommend you visit his site if you want to deepen your understanding of music and guitar playing.

In addition to his excellent article I would like to add a few more items on the "to do" list, as it were. Mr Davis talked about:

·         Organizing - Making copies etc

·         Highlighting the dynamics

·         Translating the musical terms into English

My old teacher would always make me do several things as I received a new piece of music for study. They were:

1. Try to put in the fingerings yourself BUT try different fingerings not just the "same old, same old" ones that are just plain obvious.

2. Try to play certain phrases and passages in a different location on the guitar. One that comes readily to mind is the Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 3 in A minor. This prelude was supposed to be imitating Bach's music but in a modern way. It's a really lovely piece especially in bars 21 following forward.

It is here that I employ the technique of shifting where I play the melody. It sounds great on the upper register of the guitar beyond the lower bout. Additionally, I changed the fingering somewhat so that by employing both these techniques you are able to produce a different, yet more enchanting sound from the same music.

These two extra steps, if done properly, can really enhance both your enjoyment and interpretation of the music. Give it a try, you never know what you can come up with!

Here is the link to the original article...


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