Mauro Giuliani

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"Giuliani - The Italian guitarist and composer was considered to be one of the leading guitar virtuoso's of his time..."

Despite being self-taught on guitar, he rose to become one of the greatest guitar virtuoso's in all classical guitar history. Along the way,  he gained the respect of many of the classical music giants including Beethoven and Schubert.

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Born in Italy in 1780, he had made a name for himself as a virtuoso of guitar by the time he was nineteen. He was also adept at the flute and violin and by the time he died had added the title of "highly talented composer" to the list of achievements. Indeed, he left a legacy of over 300 works for guitar and instrumental combinations, which catered for the beginner to the most advanced guitarist.

Having moved to Vienna when only 26 years of age it was here that he really made a name for himself. He gave many successful recitals to royalty and great composers alike including the Austrian royal family, Beethoven and Schubert. His personal circle of friends included Diabelli, Mosheles, Mayseder and Hummel.

Beethoven was so impressed he stated that the guitar was "like a mini orchestra". This was in no small way due to his music and how it highlighted the capacity of the guitar to display harmony and counterpoint.

Over the years,  he toured many countries including, his native Italy, Germany and even Russia. It is also said the the German music journals were unanimous in declaring him... "the supreme of the guitar virtuosi." In 1833,  he toured London to great acclaim (it was here he met his great rival Fernando Sor who was there making a name for himself at the time)...

Check out this great little video on YouTube of his Andantino...

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Mauro Giuliani Sidebar - Did You Know?

There was a guitar magazine named after him. It carried the Moniker..."The Giulianiad".

He has remained at the top in terms of popularity in the classical guitar world up until the present day. Indeed, his future is secure, and you can be assured that the name of Mauro Giuliani shall remain in the preeminent position, in the classical guitar composer list.

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Here's a quote about him that was made over 100 years ago...

"His expression and tone in guitar playing were astonishing, and a competent critic said of him: "He vocalized his adagios to a degree impossible to be imagined by those who never heard him; his melody in slow movements was no longer like the short, unavoidable staccato of the piano, requiring profusion of harmony to cover the deficient suspension of notes, but it was invested with a character, not only sustained and penetrating, but of so earnest[3] and pathetic[4] a description as to make it appear the natural characteristic of the instrument. In a word, he made the instrument sing."

—Philip James Bone, The guitar and mandolin, 1914 

It comes from the full page article about Mauro Giuliani and you can see that article here...

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