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Hermann Hauser

"Hauser Guitars - German Precision, Spanish Passion ..."

This talented classical guitar maker was born in 1882 and died in 1952. Both his son and grandson followed him into the profession as he  had followed his own father into an instrument-making tradition. Indeed, he is remembered as a guitar maker of true class and quality.

He eventually started building guitars in the Spanish tradition based on the work of Torres. Having instrument making "in his blood" after studying with his father and at the State School for Violin Making, he "married" this with a "steely German engineering outlook". It was no wonder he produced guitars of such quality and timbre.

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Back to Hauser...

His guitars were so good that even the redoubtable Segovia was impressed by the quality of his work. Segovia eventually encouraged him to copy his 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar, an instrument generally believed to have been built by Santos Hernandez. Segovia made many famous recordings with that wonderful classical guitar over the years which helped to seal his reputation as one of the pre-eminent guitar makers of the day. Hermann's son made a guitar for Segovia just before the great man died in 1987.

Listen to the responsiveness of these beautiful guitars played by Segovia...

Segovia had met him on his first concert tour through Germany in 1924. After inspecting some of his guitars he stated that "...I immediately foresaw the potential of this superb artisan..." 

Some of the famous names, other than Segovia, to use a guitar made by Hermann were: Julian Bream, the famous English classical guitarist. Bream has been on the classical guitar scene since he made his debut in 1947 at the age of 14. Bream convinced luthier Jose Romanillos to make copies of Hermann’s guitars, which was a nod to this great guitar maker.

Both Pepe and Angel Romero, famous the world over as part of “Los Romeros” guitar group also used copies of the great man’s guitars. In fact, there are quite a few luthiers throughout the world who have based the style of their guitars on his original. It is their quality, attention to detail, and satisfying results that draw everyone to his designs. I’m sure his guitars will be copied for generations to come!

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It can be safely said that Hermann Hauser is generally regarded as the best classical guitar makers outside of Spain in the guitars' long and rich history.

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