My Life With Classical Guitar

by Gouranga

Although I am just about 19 now but I still remember the day I had my first experience with the classical guitar. It was the day my examinations for the 10th grade had just ended. My dad wanted me to relax and enjoy the long holidays ahead so he decided that I should now listen more regularly to classical music as he believed that it soothed the mind.

So one fine evening he brought home a record of something he wouldn't tell me. That night when everyone was sleeping I decided to get a look at what it was. Ii was dying out of curiosity, the cover said something I could hardly pronounce.

At last I made out what was written on it, it said: "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" composed by Tarrega and played by someone by the name of "Andres Segovia". I still remember that it was almost 12 in the morning when I started listening to the recording. Everything around was pin drop silent.

Then came out the most magical piece I had ever heard in classical guitar music...the sound, it was pure poetry, such warmth and vigor in it but at the same time so enigmatic. I still remember that I listened to the music for the entire night, and first thing in the morning I told my dad that this is what I wanted to do - play the classical guitar!

If I ever wanted truly something from my heart it was playing the classical guitar. Then as the story goes, my dad gave me my first classical guitar and I managed to find an excellent teacher. Without him I would have been nowhere now.

I could hardly believe at the quality of sound my guitar produced, although I was playing mere beginner pieces, the feeling was something I cannot explain in words. I was so fascinated by the beauty of the instrument that for the first 6 months I practiced almost eight hours a day just to make sure that I could play it better and better with every passing moment and so that the feeling of the magic increased every day.

In these five years I have trained myself to a point where I have played many professional pieces by great composers like Albeniz, Tarrega, Sor and Barrios. And who was my greatest inspiration? John Williams. He is simply the god of classical guitar. It’s heavenly to watch him play.

As I grow older with every passing hour I hope sincerely that my guitar teaches me something new. All along there hasn't been a single day that I haven't played my guitar. This is my story, my passion for music and truly my life. Without the classical guitar I would never have been so complete.

And i would like to thank Mr. Trevor from the bottom of my heart for developing this site for people with a love for music. Truly sir, your efforts cannot be compared to anything.

From all the people who have been a part of this site I would like to take this opportunity to "THANK YOU" for all that you have done for classical guitarists like us. I pray to God so that I can continue to pursue my passion amidst all the difficulties of this temporal world. Thank you!

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Aug 15, 2009
I like guitar leaning
by: ranjith


Jan 14, 2009
What an inspiring story!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Gouranga,

What an inspiring story! Your passion for the guitar really shines through like so many who post here. It's really great to see others that get as much pleasure from this instrument as I do.

Good luck and keep it up!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. Thanks for the lovely comments at the end of your story, they're much appreciated!

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