Mike Hare

by Mike Hare
(Cedar Lake, Indiana)

Universal Vacation

Universal Vacation

Hello, my name is Mike Hare.

I started playing guitar back in 1974, however it was not classical guitar that I started learning.

Back in the seventies, electic & accoustic guitar were very popular. The simplicity of electric guitar created a desire to go deeper in my learning. After realizing that rock and country music only had a few chord changes aside from some fast riffs, I felt there must be something more.

Then I was exposed to Al Dimeola, John McLaughlin & Paco Delucia. Their perfomances were astounding. This was the beginning of a new language for me.

I started learning the classical guitar from a teacher whose name was Mel Wilhite. He started me on the Aaron Shearer method and Carcassi methods. At the time I was away at college in South Carolina.

Later I moved back home to the Chicago land area in Illinois. I went to work and met a guy named Angelo. He introduced me to his dad who made classical guitars in his basement. He also played classical guitar very well. Angelo had a sister who was taking classical guitar lessons and she played better than any other local male guitarists in the area.

Her dad intoduced me to Norman Ruiz who was teaching classical guitar at Morton College in Chicago. I soon joined his class and attended concerts that he performed. That was over twenty years ago. I've since then married and had two sons.

After the death of my oldest boy (age 15) I lost my passion to play guitar. It has been some years now and my passion for classical guitar has returned. It's not as easy as riding a bicycle but I have more determination than ever before.

These on line classes give me an opportunity to get better. I'm not as advanced in sight reading as I'd like in higher positions. That was always tough on me, but I know that holds true of most classical guitarists.

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Aug 26, 2009
Keep on keeping on
by: Norm Ruiz


Guitar, whether classical or jazz or whatever, is a great healer. Keep working.


Jan 27, 2009
Those were the good times..
by: Angelo Forieri

Alright Mike!! We did have some great times together, didn't we? My dad doesn't make classical guitars in the basement anymore unfortunately.

I have two of his guitars, number 4 (1985) and number 10 (1996). My dad also has a Mozzani harp guitar from 1901.

I started studying classical guitar 4 years ago with Franco Buzzi, a very strict teacher who is a technique genius. Before that I was studying with Francesco Taranto, (3 months) but he was obsessed with Giuliani and music from the 1800's and never taught any technique, so I had to start from zero with Maestro Buzzi and forget about what I learned previously.

Now I'm doing Bach, DeVisee, Sor, Tarrega..

Jan 14, 2009
Determination is good!
by: Trevor M.

Hi Mike,

Great story and it's wonderful you're still determined. It takes a great deal of determination to play classical guitar, but even more so with your particular very sad event.

Also your John McLaughlin story struck a chord with me (no pun intended :)). I saw him perform with a Turkish percussionist (can't quite remember his name) some 12-15 years ago at the Sydney Opera House and he "blew me away" with his speed, facility on the instrument but mostly with his musicality. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn?t hesitate for a second to go see him again.

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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