I'm bored!!!

by George Lambert
(KC, MO)

Nine years ago I was involved in an accident that left me with neuropathy (daily I lose a little more of the nerve connections to legs and arms) and was told that I wouldn't be as good today as I was yesterday but I will be better than I will be tomorrow. Three years later and I am nearly 100% housebound.

After the initial 6 weeks bed rest (Great - for the first 24 hours) I came to the conclusion that I needed a hobby. That was when I made contact with my first music instructor and got started with Spanish classical music.

After about three years I thought that I pretty much had the bull by the tail until my current instructor introduced me to Music Theory... Now I wish I could take back some of the smart remarks I made about the music majors when I was in college! You don't need drugs to expand your mind - music theory will do it for you. We went through a semester and a half class in about 8 weeks - what a mind bender that turned out to be! It has been a great asset to me in seeing how chords are created, transposed, and moving up and down on the fretboard.

I would like to see a correspondence course on Music Theory (believe it or not, my favorite theory books are the Idiot and Dummies books) that you could plow through at home at your own speed.

I really look forward to having an hour out of the house one day a week and find that the more I learn the more I realize just how little I really knew in the first place.

Remember the age old question "How do you eat and elephant?" Well, the answer is the same for eating elephants and learning music: A bite at a time.

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Jun 02, 2011
How Refreshing
by: David Heap

I myself am disabled having had 2 strokes I spent 16 weeks in hospital, just getting used to the food when they threw me out.

When you are as I you tend to feel that you are on your own, thanks I now know I am not, but I am 62 years old I hve tried but can only play simple tunes and god knows what tempo if any but it is enjoyable, again thanks for touching a nerve.

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