False Start

by David Heap
(West Yorkshire UK.)

Trying my best

Trying my best

In 1992 following a divorce, finding that I had time for a new hobby I bought a classical guitar and started to have lessons.

Realizing very soon that I did not have the interest that I should have, going for a lesson then not lifting the instrument up until the following lesson the guitar was put away and treated as one of life's mistakes.

But did not get rid of it.

In 2002/3 following a 16 week period that I suffered 2 strokes that left me with a lot of problems some mental but most physical but with a right side paralysis I eventually began to get rid of things that I could no longer use, coming across the guitar I began to dream, and I still do.

I talked things over with my new wife who said I must have kept the guitar for a reason.

Now the complicated bit, I am left handed but bought a right hand guitar having listened to an explanation for this and agreeing it made a lot of sense.

My selected music teacher had never taught any one with a disability but equally I had never learned the guitar with a disability.

I am unable to strum the guitar I can play very few if any as I call them double notes and triples are out of the question.

I find it difficult to keep time, having tried to use a metronome etc. When I started to play was very very bad, now I am just very bad and as I write this the guitar is at my right hand side. so bye.

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Dec 30, 2008
by: D A Heap

I am at the moment learning "Can you feel the love tonight" and "My heart will go on " but as I said playing them badly.

Dec 30, 2008
I Can't Believe Your Persistence!
by: Trevor M.

Hi David,

All power to you my friend!!! That's some accomplishment.

I don't think I'd have the mental and emotional fortitude like you've displayed but I guess we never know until we're in such a position.

Just keep going with it and I hope you get satisfaction for years to come and...keep that "dream" alive!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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