curiosity leads to discoveries

by Hadi

At first, I was curious about this instrument called guitar. The way they are being played and there is many frets and strings. I tell myself why not give it a shot since it is something new. Furthermore, at that time I didn't know that there is such thing as classical guitar music and I thought guitar is all about strumming and rhythm.

It was the semester of a whole new year and I just graduated from a secondary school to a polytechnic institute. Everyone and everything was new to me. I was a type of person that wasn't good at making friends as I was a bit shy to approach others.

After a few days, my school host an open house for student to choose their interest group activities. I actually thought of going towards sports since I played badminton and represent for my previous school.
But then I manage to see a guitar club booth. They say that they will teach those who have no musical background.

I was stuck between two choices, the guitar booth and the sports booth. I didn't know where to go. Suddenly, a lot of people rush at the sports booth and the queue is so long. There is a possibility that I can't join that sports group.

So I have choice but to go and join the guitar club called GEnRe( Guitar Ensemble Republic Polytechnic).

Many things had happened. I was inspired by Cavatina played by one of my seniors, the tone produced and the softness of the melody. He told me to watch at youtube where cavatina was performed by John Williams. I went to watch it and wow! I was really touched and it's the first time I had such an experience, such wonderful moment and I told myself ", so this is classical guitar music" while laughing at myself ha!

After that, I managed to make friends in my guitar club. We joked around and it's cool when we ensemble a piece together as it brings us together to play the song that we all loved. I learned a lot of classical techniques from vibrato to even flamenco techniques such as the rasguedo which is the Spanish strum.

Currently, I am learning a lot and we have been making progress. The funny part now is I realise that I started to like this person in my guitar club, a bit weird feeling but cool ha!

Finally, I would like to thank Stanley Meyers for composing and John Williams for playing Cavatina. It really moved me and also changed the world's perception towards classical music.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my experience.

Take care. :)

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Jan 02, 2009
Cavatina is so beautiful!
by: Trevor M.

Hi Hadi,

Thanks for posting your wonderful story full of anticipation and excitement, it really was a pleasure to read.

You're right too, Cavatina is such a wonderful piece and it has done so much to bring people to the classical guitar.

I hope you keep enjoying it for many years to come.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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