Classical music!

by Pauk
(Šibenik, Croatia)


I'm really glad I stumbled upon this site. I'm 21 and studying in the capital of my country. I've been playing guitar for two and half years and have always liked classical music, music that was tender and quiet and passionate.

I also play blues music which is quite simpler to play with my friends and to jam around my dorm. Blues music is my "second love" and I like it because of solos and simple but powerful lyrics.

I stumbled upon this site because I wanted to see if anyone gives quality video lessons for classical music which is the case with blues music. I discovered classical music maybe 15 days ago when I came home from studying and working in a hostel in the capital for my summer vacation in my hometown when my 15 year old neighbor came to me to show him some lessons and to see how's he playing.

He told me that he remembered my words when he was buying guitar (he bought a classical one instead of acoustic) and that he wasn't playing with a pick but with his fingers. I was showing him what I know, some of Eric Clapton blues songs, Robert Johnson, and some cool rock riffs and solos.

He was pretty amazed with me playing these songs. And then he began to play Spanish romanza and I was instantly in love with that song that I had to learn that song.

About an hour later I learned that song and all my friends are in love with that song right now. When I figured it out that I can play classical music and that it sounds so tender I went to your site and took the waltz in G by Fernando Sor and learnt it in 3 days.

It sounds so cool, now I'm movin' to Moonlight Etude in Bm by Fernando Sor which is quite simpler than Waltz in G. I'm looking forward to studying new pieces and buying a new guitar and starting to learn how to read notes, because I'm very lousy at reading notes, and I forgot it from my elementary school.

I'm very thankful to see that there are people who are ready to give their knowledge for free. I know it sounds so "cliche" but I always remember people like you whose knowledge is bigger, when my younger neighbors and friends come to show them some stuff and ask for help.

I think world would be better place if everybody would've played some kind of music. So, thank you for these lessons, and greetings from sunny Mediterranean coast.

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Aug 24, 2009
The use of the term "acoustic" in guitars
by: jrldev

Nice comment and story. One minor observation
is that the term "acoustic guitars" includes
the nylon string (classical) and steel strings
Many people appears to identify the term acoustic
guitar exclusively to the steel string instrument.
Neither one of these instruments need electrical
sources of sound amplification due to the way
they are built. The Sondbox is an acoustic box
where the sound is produced and comes out of the
You may "add" an electrical plug to hook up to an
amplifier but this is not necessary for these instruments to be heard.

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