Challenging but Wonderful - Classical Gutar and My Life

by Brenda

My story began long ago with my father who encouraged me in music. He was a bit musical himself and could sing with a gorgeous deep bass voice which I admired. He also must have seen that I had some musical talent or ability because he began to encourage me as well at the age of about 8 or 9 years old.

I also showed ability in school, always choosing music over art when givent the chance. And I later tried piano - my family did not have patience with my practices though and this ended quickly. We were at a low income level too because my father was quite ill with cancer - so I never was able to practice on a good piano. Piano was never my passion either.

I played brass instruments in band. It was ok, but I have some respiratory issues which of course made this more difficult. At the time I was also wearing braces and this made the playing painful as well.

I did however, still do well learning to read music and also learning what music theory I could. What I learned then in music theory, helps me to this very day.

In 8th grade, I was also told I had a nice voice. But it never occurred to me to pursue any vocal training. (I am now involved in choir and developing my vocal ability too).

My education was not in music - I never had much opportunity in music except at school, so I studied Social Sciences and Foreign Languages - and now I am 53 yrs old and work in the field of Education.

I always loved the classics the most. And in about the Middle school level, was introduced to classical guitar and I was hooked!

But I never had confidence enough to think I could play classical guitar. I did begin to play acoustic guitar at this time though - always wishing that I played classical.

I finally did get my chance to learn classical late in life and at age 53. I'm still a beginner. I now live in the state of Colorado (having lived in 4 other states before), and music out here is a very important matter.

I started taking classical guitar about 1 year ago. I did have to take a break due to difficult life circumstances - in fact, I had to sell both a nice acoustic and a nice classical guitar just to survive - going through divorce on account of abuse, working with a safe house and women's shelter, etc.

So this setback in life has made my studies more difficult and my progress slower than it should be. But I was able to at least buy another guitar a few months later, and resume my studies - this time working my way to a higher level right away!

So I am studying, I am progressing. I will upgrade guitars as I go along, but have something basic to work on for now. I love classical guitar - it is fast becoming a real passion.

I have worked at this and been devoted to it all the time worrying if I had a roof over my head, proper food and everything else. Life is getting better now though - the sale of my guitars earlier did help me get me some legal help and life is not as bad as it was, now.

My only frustration is gaining experience - and getting people to even give me a hearing. Most people scoff at me and think I know nothing due to my circumstances - but truly, considering all the challenges I've had, this is the one really wonderful thing in my life!

One thing I can tell you for sure - I can play and I am learning and progressing all the time even if people in general won't give me a chance (my instructor is different). Even with all my challenges and lack of proper support and encouragement (except from my instructor, who is very good), I absolutely refuse to give up!

That's my story and it is still on-going. Its nice to have a chance to tell it - thank you.

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