'Broon's Bane'...My Beginnings.

by Simon J

I was 16 years old when I first started learning to play guitar. I wanted an electric guitar but couldn't afford one at that time in my life so, I had the opportunity to buy a TATRA Classical instead from a school friend for £10.

This was still quite a bit of money so I saved my school dinner money for 20 weeks in order to buy it!

Eventually, I got the guitar and tried to learn a few intros to classic rock songs on it (what sacrilage!). A friend of mine lent me a record called 'Exit...Stage Left' by Canadian rock trio 'Rush'.

On side A record two was a beautiful prelude piece by the great Alex Lifeson called 'Broon's Bane'/'The Trees'. Needless to say, as soon as I heard this piece I just had to learn it and bought a Rush music book which was probably wrong anyway and only gave me a chordal interpretation of the piece.

In time I managed to play it but not until twenty years later am I able to play it fluidly! This got me interested in classical guitar to the annoyance of my school buddies who were learning power chords and heavy riffs.

But I can say to this day that out of all those buddies, I am the only one still playing! I bought a classical tutor book 1 by C.F Hepworth and started to work through it and the first piece I managed was 'Study In C Major' by F.Carulli.

Soon followed an 'Allegro Moderato' by M.Giuliani. My Granfather (who also played guitar, drums and piano in a dance band in the 50's and 60's) gave me some lessons to get me going and he also recommended that I listen to Segovia, Bream and Williams.

Over the years I have collected a few more pieces which are within my classical playing abilities which I would say, is still at a beginner level.

Learning classical guitar has been very essential for my overall development as a guitarist. I still have my first classical guitar but unfortunately, the kneck has broken away from the body mysteriously?

I now play my Classical guitar pieces on a Martin Nylon Backpacker. I will also be aquiring a 6-string Lute guitar very soon in which to pursue my classical guitar studies.

I have most recently discovered Rob McKillop, who is a very talented and beautiful player, which has re-enthused my playing interests for classical guitar. I was very pleased also to have found Trevor Maurice's website and would highly recommend using it to another guitar player.

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