Narciso Yepes

"Narciso Yepes - The first person to record the complete lute works of Bach on period instruments..."

The young Yepes was only twelve years old when he started studying at the Conservatory of Music in Valencia. By 1943,  he was good enough to make his debut at the Teatro Serrano in Valencia. His great breakthrough came when in 1947, he performed Rodrigo's Concierto De Aranjuez to rapturous critical acclaim.

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Although born into a poor family, Mr Yepes was to become a world famous classical guitarist of the first rank. Some say he rivalled Andres Segovia for warmth and purity of tone! A compliment not to be scoffed at after all! Indeed, he was a contemporary of the great master Segovia being born in 1927 and dying in 1997. He began tuition at the early age of four after his father caught him pretending to play a guitar with an old, walking stick. It wasn't long before he started to play tunes by ear. 

His father, realizing his son's obvious ability, took him to lessons although it must have been quite a strain on the family budget at that time. Yepes performed internationally in most of the major musical centres throughout his long and distinguished career including France, Japan, Switzerland, the United States and Russia.

A tireless perfectionist, he designed a ten-stringed classical guitar, which expanded yet balanced the sound when compared to a normal six-string guitar. Not content with this achievement he also works on updating and correcting old unpublished editions of baroque and renaissance music for guitar that number over 6000!

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By the time he died in 1997, Yepes had achieved greatness in the eyes of not only his own native Spaniards, but also the entire music-loving world. His hometown of Lorca has perpetuated his memory with a sculpture of the guitarist in the Simon Mellado Square. A fine classical guitarist, one who left a recorded legacy for us all to benefit.

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"Having played the classical guitar professionally, listening to Narciso Yepes always stirs conflicting emotions in me. Who was I to be paid money for playing recitals and concerti when someone could play the guitar like Yepes? For that matter who was anybody else to be paid money to be paid to play. Yepes was so far beyond anybody else that there is simply no comparison. He didn't have the publicity machine that his drastically inferior contemporary Andres Segovia did, but he made the guitar sound like nobody else could." by Gerald Rains

Whoa! Tell us what you really think Gerald :) I must say I can't agree with Gerald about Segovia but I do agree with him that Yepes is a masterful player of the classical guitar. You make your choice!

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