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Great Guitar Tips - Special Issue...Free Auction Book
September 25, 2004

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Table Of Contents

1. Special Issue - Free Auction Book ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How Do I Buy (Or Sell) A Guitar At Auction? Easy!

Hi All!

Just a short note to let you know about a great free resource if you're looking to buy or sell a guitar at auction. This could be at ebay or some place similar.

Sydney Johnston's Make Your Net Auctions Sell has been called the "bible of online auction selling".

Not only is this great reference book the "best of breed", it is actually FREE! From the moment this e-book became availiable on the web all other auction books became obsolete.

If you want to know how to get top dollar for your guitar at ebay or how to buy one at a reasonable price then download this book now.

Indeed, it doesn't have to be a guitar you want to auction. It could be anything!

If you've ever heard of Ebay you'll know it's packed with people eager to sell (and buy) goods online!

And, if you know what you're doing, you can quite easily turn this into a very lucrative business!

That's why Make Your Net Auctions Sell is a "no-brainer".

I'm adding this link to my home page as I think zero dollars is great value for money:))

To download just click here...

If you don't have html e-mail you need to use this link...

I hope you find the book useful. I'll see you soon with the latest edition of Great Guitar Tips.

Until then ...take care!

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