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Special Message - Re: Bad News Turned Good
February 07, 2011

Trevor M. from & the Classical Guitar Study Course here. Just a short note to apologize for the problems with the link to the course that I sent recently in the last newsletter.

Apparently, many didn't receive it and many didn't have a "Profile" created for them inside the study course portal.

After "de-bugging" the process, so to speak, I'm trying to turn "bad news" into "good news" and resending the link. Just click on the link below...

The Classical Guitar Study Course

And just to clear up a few inquiries that have been made...

1. Yes, it's only a one-off payment of $67...

2. Yes, it's the complete course + the Classical-Finger Style Sheet music Collection i.e. over 150 study videos (and counting) with PDF sheet music (including Tab) & study notes + bonuses...

3. No, the pieces in the Classical Guitar Study Course have NEVER been fr/ee on my site save only one (the bonus item #1 Classical Collection have been).

Additionally, they'll only ever be available in the one spot - the Classical Guitar Study Course!

I hope that makes things more clear and I hope you enjoy the course and this time it really is GOOD NEWS! :))

The Classical Guitar Study Course

P.S. If you're already in the course don't worry - YOU don't have to do anything! You don't need to pay a penny more. Just log in and enjoy! :))

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