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Great Guitar Tips, April 2013 - [New Video & P.D.F.] Your New Music Is Ready...
April 29, 2013

I've just finished posting the latest P.D.F. and video for you. Unfortunately for me, I keep having annoying nail problems (splitting and breaking) and haven't been able to record and upload the piece I originally intended.

Fortunately for you, I have uploaded a piece I know you're really going to enjoy, namely: Andante in E Major by Aguado.

This piece comes from my Classical Guitar Study Course and has been a very popular piece with the members. You can get that P.D.F. by going here...

Please do me a favor and press the "Like" Facebook button above the PDF on the Fr/ee Lessons Page and comment on the video at the YouTube site. You can do that right here...

Well, that's it for this edition. I hope you enjoy the music. I'll see you soon with another brand new edition including music, videos and fun!!! :))

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