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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #076 - Special Edition - Get Ready For the Classical Guitar Study Course
November 30, 2010

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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #076 - Special Edition - Get Ready For the Classical Guitar Study Course ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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November 2010 Issue #076 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News - Classical Guitar Study Course Now Open

2. New pieces & videos Two Andante's by Aguado

1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers! Welcome to the November 2010 issue.

The membership site and a new product called the Classical Guitar Collection are now "open for business". I've had to migrate to a new software platform with better functionality and technical capabilities and that's why I haven't posted any new stuff for the last two months.

You can get all the info about

The Classical Guitar Study Course here...


The Classical-Finger Style Sheet Music Collection here...

Note: The videos might take a while to load but will start automatically when they have loaded.

I've worked long and hard to give you resources that will help you play classical/finger style guitar AND so you won't have to go on a fruitless journey to collect resources, wasting precious time.

All you do is log in and enjoy basically! :))

I've also tried to make the courses as inexpensive as possible so that everyone can afford it. I hope you enjoy the course(s)!

2. New Music/Videos

I've provided two fr/ee piece this month because I've taken so long to get the course up and running and haven't posted for over 2 months.

There are two great Andante's by Aguado. The first one is the Andante in A Major, which is a lovely little tune that utilizes the whole fret board and the playing of slurs as a highlight and a triplet passage played by the thumb.

The second Andante is in E Minor and has very "delicate" grace notes within the melody that need to be observed. Both pieces are a joy to play, as you will see here...
I hope you enjoy the music and the courses!

That's all for this special issue. I'll see you soon with another brand new edition including music, videos and fun!!! :))

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