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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #071 - Two More Excellent Pieces For Your Repertoire
April 13, 2010

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April 2010 Issue #071 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. New pages/videos - New Format Actually!

3. Study Point - When going for more volume depress the strings towards your tummy!

4. Recommended Resource - Developing Classical Guitar Technique DVD

5. This Month's Extra Fr/ee Music

1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers! Welcome to the April 2010 issue. If you're wondering where the February & March editions are - there were none! Sorry 'bout that but I have been rather busy but I won't bore you with the details.

The main thing is we're "back in business" as they say so let's get down to it.

You'll notice the format of the monthly lesson has changed slightly. I've put the latest lesson right on the fr/ee guitar lesson page in a scrolling PDF window with a video beneath. My site was getting a little unwieldy to manage. For instance, if I have to make a change I usually go through every page and it takes forever.

With that point in mind I have been taking a crash course in HTML and am going to redesign the site mainly to make it easier to make changes if necessary. It'll probably be before the next issue in May so look out for that one.

I've got a great recommendation for improving your technique, a great practice piece by Napoleon Coste and some advice for getting more volume when you play.

So let's go...

2. New Pages

The new lesson this month is a Scherzo by Ferdinando Carulli. Carulli became one of the most popular and loved classical guitar composers and players of his time. Indeed, that love extends right up to the present day as new generations of guitarists "find" his music and make it their own.

Scherzo literally means..."joke" in Italian. Sometimes the word scherzando (joking) is used in musical notation to indicate that a passage should be executed in a playful manner..."

You can see that lesson here...

3. Study Point - When going for more volume depress the strings towards your tummy!

When you want to get more volume out of your playing DON'T pull the strings outwards. Many of my students in the past have tended to do this but all they succeed in doing is make the strings give off an awful "thwacking" noise.

You actually get more volume AND a much better tone by depressing the stings towards your tummy and releasing. This is, of course, only slight and fast but with practice you can really gain good control and achieve a much better tone.

A good exercise is to squeeze the strings together then push them towards your tummy and release them. If you exaggerate the movement and "overdo it", as it were, you can also "under do it" when it comes to peforming it for real at the correct speed. Try it and see for yourself and like everything with guitar - do it regularly for best results!

4. Recommended Resource - Developing Classical Guitar Technique DVD

This month's recommended resourse is a DVD called Developing Classical Guitar Technique DVD by Denis Azabagic. As the site says..."In this instructional DVD Denis Azabagic offers technical and interpretive tips on performing two of the most famous pieces in the classical guitar repertoire."

It's a really interesting and instructive DVD and gives insights into a true virtuoso of guitar.

5. This Month's Extra Fr/ee Music

This month's extra fr/ee music is Etude by Napoleon Coste. It's great to practice holding long bass notes whilst playing the melody over the top and it should add nicely to your repertoire.

You can get a copy of the music here...

I hope you enjoy the music!

And for the video of the piece go here...

And that's all for this issue. I'll see you later soon with another brand new edition including music, videos and fun!!! :))

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