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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #069 - Merry Christmas & A Few Bonuses from Santa...
December 24, 2009

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December 2009 Issue #069 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. New pages/videos - Andantino Grazioso by Carcassi: Playing with "Grace"

3. Study Point - Let the music "Breathe"!

4. Recommended Resource - A great Classical Guitar blog & join me on Twitter...

5. This Month's Fr/ee Music + a Christmas bonus!

1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers! Welcome to the December 2009 issue.

I've got a new page/lesson for you this month to help you master both melody playing whilst playing an Alberti Bass - don't worry, it's explained on the new page.

Also, I explain what I mean when I say "let the music breathe." It can and does make a real difference.

I've got a great resource for you this month. Whilst "Twittering" around in the last few days I've found some great blogs on classical guitar that you really should see. There's some great information there. And mentioning Twitter, I hope you join me on it because I think it's a great tool for spreading information about classical guitar, amongst other things :)) See the link below...

And because Christmas is upon us I've got a link to a classical guitar Christmas music PDF. It's a Christmas carol medley. The only problem is there's no fingering but it's not too hard to work out.

Also, as usual, there's the fr/ee music so... let's go!

2. New Pages

The new lesson page this month is an Andantino Grazioso by Caracassi. The Carcassi Andantino grazioso is a wonderful little piece in C major that helps you to master such technical requirements on the classical guitar such as: the use of 16th notes; the Alberti bass; making the melody in the treble really stand out; the use of all the right hand fingerings in a not too difficult setting - with Grace! :))

You can see it here...

Look for the red colored "NEW" next to the actual new piece. To help you more it's actually lesson number 12 in the "Beginner to Intermediate" section of that page.

3. Study Point - Let the music BREATHE...

Whenever you see a novice or newbie play a classical tune, more often than not they "choke the music to death." By that I mean they are so rigid and so "freaked out" about the black and white notes on the page because they think they have to play the score to its exact note length throughout.

I'm not sure why this idea persists so much in classical music. Indeed, when I began to learn I myself would try to be exact with the timing and very, very tense. I think it's the notion that someone else composed the score and if we change it, even in a slight way, then we're disrespecting the composer.

I think the opposite is true. We disrespect the composer if we play their music in a rigid, unmusical way. That is of course, the composer really wants it that way :))

It is universally known around the world but high quality musicians that music is rather more "elastic" than the beginner would imagine. There's got to be some "elasticity" so the performer can put their own unique character into the performance.

What if everyone in the world played a piece the same way. Can you imagine how boring that would be? O.K. you got to have some respect for the piece and the original intentions of the composer but within that there are many definitions of, shall we say, taste.

Improve your classical guitar skills now with...

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Pumping Nylon (Book and DVD) - sheet music at
Pumping Nylon (Book and DVD) (The Classical Guitarist's Technique Handbook) Edited by Nathaniel Gunod, written by Scott Tennant. Instructional book and instructional video: DVD for classical guitar. Series: National Guitar Workshop. 95 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing. (AP.20417)
See more info...

4. Recommended Resource - A great Classical Guitar Blog & Join Me on Twitter...

Well I finally did it...I joined Twitter! I avoided it for a while because I really couldn't think of how it would be useful to you, my readers. Then I had a "brainwave", as they say. I went looking for some good classical guitar info. I thought you could use and boy - did I find some!

Although there's a lot of junk on the web there's also some really good stuff. One real high quality blog on classical guitar I found was called...drum roll please...The Classical Guitar Blog (of all things:))

All jokes aside, this blog is real high quality and has some good freebies for you. It's run by a guy called Chris Davis and he really knows his stuff. I've already "re-tweeted" (I think that's what they call it) some of his stuff but you should take a look.

You can see his main page here...

And to get some great fr/ee stuff go here...

And talking of Twitter...if you want some more great stuff you need to "follow me" on Twitter. I'm really trying to chase down some really great stuff, articles and the like for classical guitar. It'll save you a lot of time. Just go to my Twitter profile to follow me...

You'll obviously have to open an account if you haven't got one but it's fr/ee and easy. It only takes minutes and you can connect with a lot of people quickly. It's actually quite fun. I don't really know too much about it yet but I'm learning fast.

Hope to see you on Twitter soon :))

And talking of fre/ebies, I've got a Christmas carol medley for you. It's fun but there's no fingering. You can look at it as a little exercise to choose the correct fingering. I hop you enjoy this little Christmas bonus. You can find the PDF here...

5. This Month's Fr/ee Music

This month's extra fr/ee music is a Poco Allegretto by Carulli. It should add nicely to your repertoire.

You can get a copy of the music here...

I hope you enjoy the music!

And for the video of the piece go here...

And that's all for this issue. I'll see you later in January 2010 with another brand new edition including music, videos and fun!!! :))

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