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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #063 - ***Very Special Announcement***
August 14, 2009

I just wanted to let you know, especially if you're new to this ezine or if you haven't otherwise had the chance to hear about it, that the Learn Classical Guitar members site is about to be released.

When you become a member you have access to the Classical Guitar Study Course, hopefully the BEST online classical guitar course ever. I just wanted everyone to have that chance so that no one would be disappointed because it'll only be available for around 4 days before I remove the links for at least 2 months.

You see, I'm offering people a special deal (see email content below) to try out the material and give me feedback and when the course goes live again it'll definitely be at a higher price.

To get access you have to join a separate mailing list, and as the course is going "live" this Sunday coming (16th August), you'll need to get on this list to get access details. You can do that by going here...

***Sorry, This Offer Has Expired***

Here's a copy of the latest email I sent that list...

***Start of Email***

Hi, Trevor M. Here with info about the release date of the Guitar Study Course. Things are really starting to happen fast and as we get closer I'm just trying to stay on top of this quick-moving situation.

If all goes to plan we'll be going live with the course on Sunday 16th August at noon eastern time (9:00 a.m. Pacific time). I'll be sending another email just before we go live on Sunday to give you important instructions.

But before that I just want to let you know why I said in the email a few days ago that I was a bit nervous. Well, when I was producing all the videos, sheet music and other material used in the course I was suddenly struck by an unnerving thought..."what if this material isn't exactly what people want. I mean, I think I've got a good "gut-feel" after having my site for so long but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this material.

I really want it to be ALL YOU want in terms of improving on guitar AND being of value. That's why I got a bit nervous! I don't want the course to be "so, so", I want it to be the very BEST on the web. I want it to be right for YOU. That's why I've asked you to be the first to trial the material and that's why I'm going to offer you a one off "very special deal".

Although I've prepared well in to three years worth of material, I've only videoed and loaded a full years worth so far so that you can test it and give me feedback so that I definitely know it is of high quality AND great value to you. By now you would have seen the little 3 minute video that gave you a sneak peek of the course material. There's actually 52 weeks of material including a main weekly focus piece + additional material such as theory lessons, scales, fret board work and the like.

*** Important***

I've also arranged the music so that you'll get the most benefit in terms of speed of development. In other words, I've arranged the music not in a linear fashion so that you're on an ever increasing difficulty slope. Rather, I've arranged it to match how we learn and perform almost everything i.e. a challenge, or series of challenges followed by a "plateau" which allows you to consolidate previously learned material.

Every student I've ever taught, from children to adults, seemed to prefer and benefit from this method. Even Giuliani seemed to follow this notion because if you look at the way he designed the development of his famous right hand studies they don't just go from easiest to hardest but seem to allow for consolidation before moving on to the next challenge.

I believe if people are always struggling to learn new material they tend to find an excuse to give up rather quickly. I really hope I've constructed the course to pique your interest AND benefit your technical skills so that you really enjoy the course and gain skill AND much pleasure at the same time.

There's nothing like success!

So that's it for the moment. Watch your email inbox for another email in about a day or so and I'll let you know what you have to do to get on board. Kind regards, Trevor M.

P.S. I know people are wondering about what the Classical Guitar Study Course will cost. There has been a lot of speculation in the emails I'm getting so let me say in your "Special Deal" it will NOT be $399.00 per year or even $299.00 (these were some of the numbers getting thrown around in emails).

Don't worry - it will be FAR less than that. I'm just doing my "sums" in regard to how much the storage and bandwidth use of the course will cost but I can assure will be pleased! I'll let you know the exact price in the next email in a day or so.

P.P.S. Don't forget that to get onboard you have to have a paypal account (free). If you haven't done so already go and get one here...

Paypal Sign-Up page...

***End of Email***

That's all for now. See you later this month for a "normal" issue of this ezine.

Kind regards, Trevor M.

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