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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #054
November 30, 2008

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October/November 2008 Issue #054 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. New pages/videos

3. Study Point - David Russell on Preserving Enthusiasm

4. Recommended Resource - Learning Fretboard Game

5. Don't forget to ask YOUR question

6. This Month's Fr/ee Music


1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers!

Welcome to the October/November 2008 issue. I hope you've enjoyed yourself on guitar since we last met:))

In this issue there's a new lesson page about the Sicilienne by Ferdinando Carulli. It's based on an interesting musical form - the Siciliano. And yes, you're right. It originated in Sicily in Italy.

I've also built a page about the excellent guitar maker Paulino Bernabe. I thought I owed it to him as I've just recently purchased one of his guitars, the Bernabe 20 and it's fantstic. You'll see it in the latest videos I've made for you.

Additionally, There's an exercise on the "E" string by Mertz which also helps with alternating thumb and i/m fingers.

Also you'll hear some sage wisdom from the wonderful David Russell on preserving your enthusiasm and I've found an excellent aid to learning the fretboard as downloadable software (Windows & Mac) and it's FR/EE!

O.K. Let's get on with it!

2. New Pages

The new lesoon page this month is about Ferdinando Carulli's Sicilienne. It's a wonderful, satisfying piece to play and I'm sure you'll learn a lot from it. Read more on the Sicilienne by Carulli here...

Look for the red colored "NEW" next to the actual new piece. To help you more it's actually lesson number 4 in the "Intermediate and Beyond" section of that page.

The other new page is about the wonderful guitar maker Paulino Bernabe. Bernabe is not only one of the finest classical guitar makers we have seen but is inextricably linked to classical guitar history. You can read more here...

3. Study Point - Preserving Your Enthusiasm

David Russell has long been a respected figure in the world of classical guitar. It was with great interest then that I came ascross this little youtube video where he gives excellent, common sense advice on preserving your enthusiasm for playing classical guitar.

You can hear what he's got to say here...

4. Recommended Resource - Fretboard Warrior Software Game

This month’s recommended resource is a great little downloadable software game I found online recently. It's for both Windows and Mac. It helps reinforce your knowledge of the fretboard note names in a fun way. And best of all... It's FR/EE!

You can get the windows version here...

And the Mac version here...

The home page for that site for those that are interested is here...

5. Don't Forget - Ask Your Questions!

Don't forget everyone. If you havre a question about classical guitar you need answered, ask it here...

There have been many excellent questions so far. Here's just a few of the topics...

* How often should one change strings?

* Screeching sound during chord changing

* Thumb and finger picks

* Is knowing as many scales as you can important?

So don't be shy. Click on the link and ask that question :))

6. This Month's Fr/ee Music

And now for the music! This month's music is an Exercise on the "E" string by Johann Kasper Mertz. It's great for practicing alternating thumb and i/m fingers of the right hand amongst other things. You can get a copy of the music here...

I hope you enjoy the music!

And for the video of the piece go here...

And that's all for this issue :))

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