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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #050
June 09, 2008

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May 2008 Issue #050 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. New pages/videos

3. Study Point - Musicianship

4. Recommended Resource - Your Questions

5. Thank You for the Favor

6. This Month's Fr/ee Music


1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers!

Welcome to the May 2008 issue. Well I'm really late this time. Sorry about that but writing student reports AND having a major family health scare (my dad had a heart attack but is resting o.k. now) put me behind nearly two weeks.

I'm on to it now though and I think you'll enjoy this edition.

Indeed, you'll find a new page and video in the guitar lessons section by Tarrega. There's a study point section about musicianship and a great new recommended resource, a "Your Questions" page that I hope will be of great value to you.

I also wanted to thank all the people for the great testimonials you provided for my site and of course, there's this month's fr/ee Music...

So let's go!

2. New Pages

There's a new lesson page with an etude in C major by Tarrega. It's great for playing melody within an arpeggio. Read more on the Etude in C Major by Francisco Tarrega here...

Because I've re-arranged the page you'll need to look for the red colored "NEW" next to the actual new piece. To help you more it's actually lesson number 2 in the "Intermediate and Beyond" section of that page.

3. Study Point - Musicianship

The dictionary definition of musicianship states... "knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing music." I would agree and add that musicianship is ever-developing.

If you truly want to develop your musicianship you need to be aware that it never ends, you are always improving (or should be trying to).

David Braid writing in Play Classical Guitar puts musicianship down to these important points:

* Physical awareness of rhythm and tempo and the ability to hear these in your mind...

* The ability to reproduce heard music on your instrument without the aid of a score...

* Sight reading of a score at a tempo close to that of actual performance - This allows you to get to know a great deal of music without having to refer to recordings...

* Ensemble Playing - this includes skills like keeping in time with other musicians, blending/contrasting tone color, following a conductor, and accompaniment technique (the ability to follow rapid movement and change in a soloist's part).

It's really a great book with a lot of great information, especially for the beginner to intermediate.

Next month I hope to provide a duet for you with recordings/videos of both parts so that you'll be able to practice some of the musicianship ideas that Mr Braid has been talking about here.

It's "good food for thought" though and makes you think. What can you do to improve your musicianship?

4. Recommended Resource - "Your Questions" Page

Because I get a lot of monthly email with questions about classical guitar and learning classical guitar I've decided to create a new resource page where everyone can benefit. Indeed, I was just answering one the other day when it struck me that these questions and answers would help all of you who visit my site and it could really help to "round out" your knowledge.

It's also for others that want to help answer questions too. You can add to, or answer a question for others. Who knows, you may just have the insight someone is looking for right now.

So, what are the most burning questions you want to know about classical guitar?

You can check out the page by clicking here...

5. Thank You for the Favor

I'd just like to take the time to thank the many people who wrote a lovely testimonial for my site. I've used quite a number of them so far and think I'll rotate them over the year.

You can see some on my homepage by Pamela Brooks, Jean-Claude Quintal, Nick, Paul Nampa, Dave Laws and Kristina. Thanks again guys - you are fantastic and hugely generous!

You can keep sending them if you want...I'd love it :))

Just hit your reply button on your email now and send one...

6. This Month's Fr/ee Music

And now for the music! This month's music is a piece called Siciliano by Matteo Carcassi. It's quite an easy piece but it sounds really great being in the key of A minor which is well suited to the guitar.

You can get a copy of the music here...

I hope you enjoy the music!

And for the video of the piece go here...

And that's all for this issue. See you later in the month:))

P.S. If anyone else wants to send a testimonial that would be great. Just hit the "reply" button on your email and send me one. It'll be hugely appreciated.

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