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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #039
June 04, 2007

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May 2007 Issue #039 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. Theory Notes - Vibrato

3. New Page Additions - Luigi Boccherini

4. Product Review - Use Those Books!

5. This Month's Fr/ee Music


1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers!

Welcome to the May 2007 issue of Great Guitar Tips.

I'm working on getting all the previous sheet music from these monthly ezine editions on video so that those that subscribe can benefit.

It'll take me several more months to complete due to work commitments but eventually the job will be complete and you'll be able to enjoy monthly music with a video.

I'm also working on shrinking the file size so that it doesn't cost too much. If the cost seems too prohibitive I might have to embed the videos using YouTube. It's not a bad way to go but it's not my main preference. We'll see.

There's a new page on Luigi Boccherini and I'm still "singing from the same Hymn sheet" when it comes to recommending books (see below).

Anyhow, let's get on with the show, as they say...

2. Theory Notes - Vibrato

I had a recent email asking me about how to play vibrato effectively. I have written a page about vibrato here...

An important point to remember though is to use the weight of the hand to "swell" the note by fixing your fingertip tightly to the note, having the thumb and hand well balanced behind the neck and then moving the hand in a horizontal kind of swing.

It is NOT moving the finger up and down vertically. This produces a poor vibrato tone. If you go laterally, that is, your knuckles are "shaking" in the same plane as the fingerboard or fret board, then you will produce a much more effective vibrato sound.

Have a look at the picture on the vibrato page because then you get a better idea of just how you should move.

Practice the motion slowly and carefully and you'll perfect the technique.

You could use what I call a lot of "downtime" to specifically practice this technique.

For instance, if you're watching your favorite television show there are sure to be advertisements in between the beginning and the ending of the show. This will last anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes.

Have your guitar handy and practice the vibrato technique in this "downtime" and you'll find you're improving at a great rate.

And you won't have to concentrate on those pesky ads! :))

3. New Page Additions

The new page addition this month is about Luigi Boccherini. Although Boccherini was ostensibly a cellist, he made his mark on the world of classical guitar too. Born in Lucca, Italy in the year 1743, it wasn't long before the young Boccherini soon demonstrated his prowess for music.

Indeed, his compositional skills were of the highest order and it was said that he may have been the finest cellist of all time.

Read more here...

4. Product Review - Get Those Books!

I think since the beginning of my time on the web with this site I have been advocating the use of three books mainly.

I have a page about them but I'm still surprised with how many emails I get asking me which books do I recommend.

If you're new to this site and you don't have a teacher, or even if you do, my best recommendation is to get Pumping Nylon, Classical Guitar Pedagogy and Kitharologous by Ricardo Iznaola. If you're serious about improving then these three books will really super-charge you technique as it were.

And if you're looking to add that little bit of class to your sound, to make your tone warm and beautiful you only have to look at how the masters like Segovia achieved it...

5. This Month's Fr/ee Music

This month's fr/ee music is an Etude in A minor by Coste. There's a little movement up and down the guitar neck especially in bar 15 but if you practice slowly you should be able to manage a nice legato connection. You do know what legato means I hope.

Yes, that's right, smooth and connected. I see you've been studying - well done!

If you're not sure what legato is then we'll have to do a little revision next month :))

Anyway, you can get your free music here...

Don't forget to right click and use "Save Target As" to your desktop (if you're using Windows). I hope you enjoy the music!

And that's all for this issue. See you next month:))

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