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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #038
May 01, 2007

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April 2007 Issue #038 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. Theory Notes - Playing a Melody with Rest Stroke

3. New Page Additions

4. Product Review

5. This Month's Fr/ee Music


1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers!

Welcome to the April 2007 issue of Great Guitar Tips.

I have some good music and a brand new lesson page for you this month. The new page is for beginners, or those of you that want to consolidate your technique. See more below.

Having said that, I know your time is precious and I respect that so...I hope you enjoy it!

2. Theory Notes - Playing a Melody using Rest Stroke

If you want to make the melody of a piece stand out then you're going to have to learn to use rest stroke. Easy you say? Well, it's not so cut and dried when the rest stroke has to played with your "a" finger and the other fingers are quite busy of their own accord.

One way of achiving this is to practise the melody by itself slowly. This is easy when the melody exists on the 1st E string but when the melody resides insde a complex arpeggio then difficuly arises.

Again, the way to master this is by slow and deliberate practice of the melody, sometimes overemphasising the notes in question.

You'll often recognize the melody in a piece via the tails of the said notes pointing upwards even though they may be part of the accompaniment as well.

If you're a beginner the best way to prepare yourself for playing a melody is by mastering rest stroke with each of your right hand fingers - and thumb for that matter!

3. New Page Additions

The new page addition this month is a big one! I've had a stream of contact emails over recent months asking if I could provide some lessons for beginners.

Over a recent Easter holiday break I was able to select, prepare the music and shoot and upload video of the beginner lessons.

All in all there are 10 solo pieces and 2 duets, with another 3 duets coming over the coming weeks.

The beginners page is a great help, I hope, to those of you that want to develop good habits or consolidate the skills you've already developed.

The duets will help you to "play" with another person as it were. A good idea is to practice each guitar part to master it, then play along with with each part on the video, and lastly play the accompanying part with the video. I count off the beats which gives you time to prepare to play. Let me know via the contact form whether this page was of use to you and if I can improve it for you in any way.

Please enjoy it! You can view the new page here...

4. Product Review - Pumping Nylon

In reviewing my library of books to prepare the new beginner guitar lessons page mentioned above it was re-enforced in my mind how good the books Pumping Nylon and Classical Guitar Pedagogy are.

If you're serious about playing guitar, even if you have a personal teacher, I would highly recommend them to you. They're a "treasure trove" and information, knowledge and practices leading the reader to one inexorable conclusion...great guitar playing. Do yourself a favor and get the books!...

5. This Month's Fr/ee Music

This month's fr/ee music is an Ecossaise by Mauro Giuliani. It's a great piece to practice forming your left hand fingers around the A minor chord whilst you're playing the melody and accompaniment. You can find it here...

Don't forget to right click and use "Save Target As" to your desktop (if you're using Windows). I hope you enjoy the music!

And that's all for this issue. See you next month:))

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