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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #032
October 31, 2006

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October 2006 Issue #032 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. When Your Hands Hurt

3. New Additions to Lessons Page & Composer Page

4. Theory Notes - Consonance and Dissonance

5. Product Review

6. This Month's Fr/ee Music

7. Halloween Special ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. News

Hi to all new and old subscribers!

Welcome to the October 2006 issue of Great Guitar Tips.

I've still been having fun with my new camera and the Pinnacle Studio editing system and you can see my handiwork on the new lessons page below. Thanks all of those who sent me comments about the last video - the Barcarolle by Coste. I really appreciate the positive feedback because then I know I'm on the right track in terms of what you want to see on the site and find useful. You can contact me here...

...via the contact form halfway down the page.

Also there's two pieces of fr/ee music this month. On the guitar lessons page there's a new Carcassi waltz and video and in this edition of the newsletter there's a popular minuet by Krieger.

So let's not waste a moment. I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. Let's go!

2. When Your Hands Hurt

One of the excellent books I suggest to my readers they need in their classical guitar library is Classical Guitar Pedagogy by Anthony Glise.

I've found over the years that it's a wonderful reference book I can keep coming back to. For instance, I was asked recently by one of my students about pain in his hands when practicing for long periods of time. I was able to quickly revise this book and come up with a plan of "attack" for his right wrist and forearm to ease the pain.

Actually, in reality I did know the information but had to clarify my thoughts by re-reading the excellent Chapter 2 in the book, "Anatomical Function of the Hands".

Here are the chapter headings: General Anatomical Terms; Finger Movement; The Thumb; The Left Hand; Position of the Wrist; Guitar-related Injuries; General Warning About Injuries.

There are many great diagrams in the book to help you understand the chapter subjects more fully. You know the old cliche, "A picture tells a thousand words". That cliche works because it is true. This book is one of my top three picks for classical guitarists and I highly recommend it.

Just remember though, if you're finding you have pain in your hands when you play you're doing something wrong and you must stop immediately when you experience any major pain. I'm not talking about small insignificant minor twinges here.

I'm talking about continuing persistent pain that could lead to permanent damgage. You all know the old saying "pain is nature's warning" and it is unwise to avoid nature or your own biology.

Here's how Mr Glise concludes the chapter I've discussed above...

"The anatomy of the hand is insanely complex and we are obviously bound by the physical elements of our own anatomy when we play guitar. As a result, our decisions about how to play must be based on an awareness of basic anatomy."

While we're on the topic of great information, if you've never heard of the fr//ee online encyclopedia called "Wikipedia" you can browse the fantastic information on the classical guitar here...

3. New Page Additions

New additions this month include a great little waltz in C major by Carcassi. As usual the page includes a video to help you with playing the piece, especially those of you that can only read tablature and need to hear the piece to help with timing and correct note sequence.

You can find it by scrolling down the free guitar lessons page...

Also there's a new composer page about the incomparable Diabelli who was a virtuoso on both violin and guitar click here...

4. Theory Notes - Consonance and Dissonance

Consonance and dissonance are at the opposite ends of the spectrum and provide a necessary contrast in music. You can't have one without the other. It is like any opposite: up/down; night/day etc.

Consonnance is supposed to sound "acceptable" whilst dissonance is often regarded as "harsh".

The terms are open to conjecture as to which are consonant and which are dissonant in no small part due to the schisms of 20th century music but in reality your own ear will dictate the actual consonance or dissonance.

The long held traditions though were major and minor thirds, perfect fourths, perfect fifths, major and minor sixths and octaves for music that is considered consonant and all other intervals e.g. a 2nd and a diminished 5th as dissonant.

It all depends on your perspective though as many people, including myself, love a lot of music that is considered dissonant e.g. the preludes of Villa Lobos. The argument shouldn't be and really isn't that one style better than the other. It's just about personal taste because both types of music are just as interesting and fundamental to all types of music.

5. Product Review

If you're looking for an excellent classical guitar related Christmas present for either yourself or a loved one then look no further than a tasteful and classy picture or poster from

There's everthing from paintings of different era's to intsructional posters all of which would look good on the wall of your home, apartment or workplace.

6. This Month's Fr/ee Music

And now for the music! This month's music is a wonderful little Minuet by Krieger. It is a charming little piece to help build your technique and skills. You can download it here...

Don't forget to right click and use "Save Target As" to your desktop (if you're using Windows). I hope you enjoy the music!

7. Halloween Special

On a special note, for those of you even mildly interested in building a successful website like mine (which doesn't have to be about guitar by the way, it could be about anything at all) there's a Halloween Special on from the company that I use and can highly recommend.

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And that's all for this issue. See you next month:))

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