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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #008 -- Information Packed Articles About Guitar
July 24, 2004

Here's your latest issue of...

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. Spotlight - Mauro Guiliani

3. Free Music ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the 8th edition of my E-Zine/Newsletter Great Guitar Tips! I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable...

1. News

Hello to all! This issue contains a great Sonatine by Mauro Guiliani.

There are some difficult bars where you'll need to lift the lower part of your barre finger to allow for an open note.

This technique can be a little difficult but will be possible with slow, regular practice. If you practiceyour technical work regularly it shouldn't be a huge problem.

I've got a recommendation for Scott Tennant's book and DVD "Pumping Nylon" on the Guiliani download page. If you follow his regime you will be more than able to play this music.

I must say I'm a little bit disappointed with the response to my Guitar Forum page. Come on guys! It's costing me to keep it up and no one is using it. If it continues like this I'm afraid I'll have to discontinue it. It's up to you!

Here's the link... (Forum no longer active)

2. Composer Spotlight - Mauro Guiliani

Did you know that Guiliani was one of the most brilliant nineteenth century guitarists?

Or that he inspired Beethoven to state that... "The guitar is a miniature orchestra".

No? Well then, you can read more about this fascinating man. Just click here...

3. Free Music

Here's your music for this month. Hope you enjoy it! Just click here...

Well that's it for the 8th issue! Please let me know what you think or if you would like a particular topic covered in the future and I'll try to help out.

See you next month!

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