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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #007 -- Information Packed Articles About Guitar
June 02, 2004

Here's your latest issue of...

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. Spotlight - Radames Gnattali

3. Music Theory - Order of Sharps and Flats

4. Recommended Music - Gnattali

5. Recommended Listening - Gnattali

6. Free Music ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the 7th edition of my E-Zine/Newsletter Great Guitar Tips! I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable...

1. News

1. News

Hello to all! First of all I apologize for this issue being slightly late, especially to those new subscribers. I've been snowed under recently and it's been hard to work on this edition.

Some good news is that I've been working on some harder pieces for the Fr^ee Music section and although it's not quite ready yet, I'll send everyone a "bonus" edition soon that contains a great Bach prelude for your enjoyment (Just putting the finishing touches on the fingering).

Thanks to all those that asked for the harder music. I have a lot of "newbies" that subscribe to this newsletter who appreciate the beginning pieces but it looks as though there's a lot of you who have moved on to intermediate and advanced levels that enjoy a real challenge. I'll try to give you these harder pieces each month, time permitting.

So, let's get on with the show...

2. Composer Spotlight - Radames Gnattali

Radames Gnattali was born in January 1906 into a musical family and became a virtuoso pianist by his teenage years. He later became one of Brasil's leading composers who was able to "marry" twentieth century classical forms with jazz rhythyms of his native country.

He eventually became the conductor of the National Radio Orchestra of Rio, a position he held for many years. This was indeed a fortuitous appointment as he was able to use the orchestra to have many of his own works and arrangements played. It is said that his style of composition heavily influenced the popular Brasilian music of the day which included the sensuous sound of the bossa-nova.

It has taken many years though for Gnattali's guitar music to make it into the established repertoire. He was a fine guitar composer who understood both the technical requirements of the instrument but, possibly more importantly, the emotional and popular appeal that the guitar offers.

Gnattali died in 1988 but had a very positive effect on the musical landscape, including the comparatively sparse guitar repertoire.

3. Music Theory - The Order of Sharps and Flats

A lot of people have found it difficult in the past (including me!) to remember the order of sharps and flats in music. This is easily overcome if you use the sharp and flat letters in a mnemonic sentence.

Relax, it's easy! A mnemonic sentence is an oft used device to aid memory, especially in tests that have a "dry", rather unemotional element to them such as chemical symbols and the like.

You see, our brains are rather like a movie projector. That is, we mostly see things in our imagination as "moving pictures". It makes sense for us to utilize the natural tendencies of the brain to learn anything new.

If you doubt that this is true about the brain let me ask you a little question. When you dream at night, how do you dream? In words or pictures? If I said to you think of a pink elephant wearing a ballet tutu do you see it or see it written in words?

I think I've made my point!

So, using this theory for the sharp keys I'll give you and old mnemonic that has been used to good effect over the years. It is this...

Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle.

The capital letters of each word are the sharps as they "fall" on the stave in the sharp key sequence. So we can see that in the sharp keys "F" is always the first sharp to be written on the stave followed by "C", "G", "D", "A", "E", "B". Once we understand that sequence relate that to the keys themselves i.e. which keys have those sharps or flats in that order.Also, we must include the key of "C" which has no sharps or flats. Here is the order...

Number of sharps: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Key: c G D A E B F

If you look closely you'll notice that it's almost the same order as the mnemonic above except that the "F" is at the end of the sequence instead of the beginning. This is good news for us as we don't have to deviate too much from the original mnemonic to retain this information.

Phew! Less work for us!!!

For instance, I often just say this related mnemonic... "Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle Fully". Done! It's as easy as that. With these two mnemonics you should be able to master the sharp keys and how they "sit" on the stave.

Let's look at a similar method for the flat keys.

The flats, as they "fall" on the stave are...Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Cb, and Fb.

But rather than say the first mnemonic in reverse, we can say a similar one that would make more sense. Again, one that is often used is this...

By Eating All Day Greedy Charles Fattens.

The little "quirk" we have here is that our mnemonic is a little "out" when applied to the order of the flats in each key...

Number of Flats: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Key: C F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb

You could try this mnemonic to help you remember...

Charles' Father Bought Eggs All Dyed Green

I hope this has made it a little easier for you to commit the sharp and flat scales to memory.

--------------------End Of Message--------------------

4. Recommended Music

Here's a great piece of music (attractively arranged by the famous Laurindo Almeida) by our featured composer Radames Gnattali. Guanranteed to bring both enjoyment for you and entertainment for your loved ones. They'll love you for it! Click here...

6. Recommended Listening

And following up on the theme of Gnattali, here is some super playing by the Assad brothers which includes some great Gnattali music. Click here...

7. Free Music

Here's your music for this month. There's a Spanish folk song and a Study in G Minor by Carcassi. Don't forget, they'll be a bonus Bach Prelude soon for those of you that like a challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

Well that's it for the 7th issue! Please let me know what you think or if you would like a particular topic covered in the future and I'll try to help out.

See you next month!

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