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Great Guitar Tips, Issue #005 -- Information Packed Articles About Guitar
March 30, 2004

Here's your latest issue of...

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Table Of Contents

1. News

2. Spotlight ~ Hermann Hauser – Guitar Maker

3. Music Theory ~ Scordatura

4. A Quick Look ~ Intellitouch Guitar Tuner 5. Recommended Resource

6. Recommended Listening

7. Free Music ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the third edition of my E-Zine/Newsletter Great Guitar Tips! I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable...

1. News

1. News – Guitar Forum

I've started a Guitar Forum for those interested in discussing pertinent classical guitar matters and, both sharing knowledge and gaining more insight into our beautiful instrument. I've started off a "thread" so we can get to know one another with a sharing of our guitar makes and models.

Please take the time to read the forum rules so that we may all benefit. You can see more details here (forum no longer active)

2. Spotlight - Hermann Hauser

Guitar maker Hermann Hauser was born in 1882 and died in 1952. Both his son and grandson followed him into the profession as he himself had followed his own father into an instrument-making tradition. Indeed, he is remembered as one of the greatest luthiers of his day, if not of all time.

Hauser eventually started building guitars in the Spanish tradition based on the work of Torres. Having instrument making “in his blood” after studying with his father and at the State School for Violin Making, he “married” this with a “steely German engineering outlook”. It was no wonder he produced guitars of such quality and timbre.

Hauser's guitars were so good that even the redoubtable Segovia was impressed by the quality of his work. Segovia eventually encouraged Hauser to copy his 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar, an instrument generally believed to have been built by Santos Hernandez. Segovia made many famous recordings with the Hauser over the years which helped to seal Hauser's reputation as one of the pre-eminent guitar makers of the day.

See the “Recommended Resource” below for more.

3. Music Theory - Scordatura

Scordatura literally means “mis-tuning” in stringed instruments. In other words, it is the re-tuning to “abnormal’ notes for dramatic effect on a stringed instrument. It has been used from Mozart to Mahler and beyond.

For the guitar specifically, one or more strings can be retuned. Most guitarists would be familiar with “drop D” tuning and the oft-used “F#” tuning of the “G” or 3rd string. The F# tuning is supposed to imitate the tuning of the Renaissance lute, and this is how Renaissance music is often performed on guitar.

Another instance of Scordatura, which I absolutely love, is the Spanish Dance No.4 – Villanesca by Enrique Granados. The lower two bass strings, namely: E & A, are lowered to D & G respectively.

The effect is a deep, rich, full sound that just “hits’ you in the chest (including the heart!) when you hear it. It’s an absolute must-hear!!! (See Recommended Listening below)

4. A Quick Look - Intellitouch Guitar Tuner

This is proving to be one of the most popular tuners for not only the guitar, but many other instruments. The tuner “reads” the vibrations from the sounding of the string after it is clipped to the guitar neck. With a 7-octave range it, is said the tuner is accurate up to within 1%. It is pretty handy as it is very portable and can be used “in a pinch”. You can see more by just clicking on the link on this page...

5. Recommended Resource

The Classical Guitar Book: A Complete History I've recently purchased this book and it's a classic! Pardon the pun :)) Really though, it has some fantastic info. & beautiful pictures on fold-out pages. It's great valu for money. You can see the link on my homepage (at the bottom of the page) here...

6. Recommended Listening

As mentioned above, I suggest you should listen to the "Grandos Spanish Dance No.4." Here is a great-priced c.d. by It is a wonderful version, well played with a lot of feeling. There are a lot of other great pieces on the c.d.'s too! The guitarist is Manuel Barrueco

7. Free Music

Here's your music for this month. There is a Study by Sor and another by Giuliani. Enjoy!

Well that's it for the 5th issue! Please let me know what you think or if you would like a particular topic covered in the future and I'll try to help out.

See you next month!

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