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Brendon Burchard Follow Up - His New Video Is Ready...
January 14, 2012

Trevor M. from here again with a follow up to the Brendon Burchard link I sent the other day on his f/r/e/e video series using your own knowledge and skills to become financially independent.

Indeed, a lot of people are trying to earn more revenue online based on their expertise, but have you ever wondered simple questions like what to put on your homepage?

I mean, how do you communicate that you're an expert, create value for your visitors, and actually make money?

Brendon Burchard, the Experts Academy guy, has a simple and effective approach called "The Home Page ATM."

This video is awesome. I can't believe he's sharing his best online marketing strategies so openly.

I also like how Brendon explains his 1-Page Membership Site - it's one of the easiest and straightforward strategies I've seen to monetize your content online.

These two approaches helped Brendon go from broke to over $4 million in sales in 24 months. Such a great story.

This all proves that sharing and monetizing your knowledge and advice online doesn't have to be that complicated. It's totally worth the optin. Enjoy - and take notes!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. There's a 3rd video from Brendon in a few days plus I've got another f/r/e/e guitar PDF lesson coming too. I'll see you then :))

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