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We're Getting Close...Just Over 1 Day To Go...
January 27, 2018

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Well, it's just over 1 day to go to the 'Grand Opening' of the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0 closes down. People are already in the portal and interacting with the lesson material and making great comments...

You can lock in a great price and get all these fantastic things...

* The video of each lesson, which can be downloaded too for your convenience to watch at your own leisure...

* The music notation sheet music of each lesson + TAB pdf's...

* The slow-motion/close-up of each lesson so you can just take it a bit slower if you want. Also, downloadable!...

And these Bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Extra Repertoire:

Extra repertoire music in every lesson with a wide variety of classical music (not just classical guitar) composers to round out and extend your musicianship and technique. Also, all videos and sheet music PDF’s are downloadable

Bonus #2 – Theory Lessons:

Round out your musical knowledge with theory lessons to give you a clearer understanding of the way music functions and works.

Bonus #3 – Duets:

Duets will help your rhythm, timing, musicianship, tone quality and indeed EVERYTHING about your playing!

Bonus #4 – Guitar Scales:

Learning and playing scales will help your tone, speed, accuracy and fluency on the classical guitar

Bonus #5 – Sight Reading Exercises:

Sight reading exercises in different keys and time signatures will help you to navigate the fretboard and music more easily and freely

Bonus #6 – Excellent Online Community:

MULTIPLY Your Knowledge. Ask questions, get answers. Answer other's questions. Get more out of the community by getting involved in the community inside the Membership Portal.

Bonus #7 – Facebook Video Appraisal Site:

This is a ‘Members Only’ Facebook page where you can upload a video of your playing for appraisal by me and others in the community. You can get feedback to help you adjust and improve your playing, and ultimately, your increasing enjoyment! You won’t get that with a single teacher, that’s for sure!

Thanks for listening and I hope to see you real soon inside the portal...

If you don't need to watch the video again and want to go straight to the join page go here...

Classical Guitar Study Course


Trevor M.

Grand Opening for the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0

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