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New Training Video Series Ready - Sound Problems Fixed
January 15, 2018

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Hi ,

Phew! That was tough work but I have now finished re-working the Fr/ee Training Series Videos and correcting the sound problems that were in the originals.

I have also split the first video into 2 parts as it was originally too long at around 55 minutes, which could have been one of the problems with the sound quality.

The download links for each video (link actually above each video) should be working too so you can download them and watch them at your leisure.

I have also been able to finally work out how to put in my own contact form so you can send me comments and/or what you're thinking, or if you have any suggestions. I did this because the comment box I was using was a third party one which was going to cost me to continue to implement it. But don't worry, the new comment box comes straight to me at LearnClassicalGuitar so I should get your comments/messages straight away.

Also, don't forget that when each video finishes you'll be able to click the button that appears on the video player itself to download any PDF's or other resources that go with each video.

Here are the video links...

Training Video Series No.1 Part 1

Training Video Series No.1 Part 2

Training Video Series No.2

Training Video Series No.3

I'm also very excited to announce that for those of you that want to go deeper into the learning of the classical guitar I'll be making a huge announcement early this upcoming week. Look out for that one!

I hope you enjoy the Fr/ee Training Series and can use the resources to improve your playing!

Kind regards, Trevor M.

P.S. Talking about resources, if you haven't got these ones yet for some reason just click on the links below to get them...

Music Notation Primer

Sight Reading Guide Page

Kind regards, Trevor M.

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