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These people are already solving their problems in the Facebook Feedback page...
March 30, 2018

Wow! People are taking advantage of the Facebook Feedback Page and posting questions, comments and videos. Just in the last few days alone we've had: Alan, Mike, Ian, Steve and Bruce join and start posting and getting feedback about their playing. The Facebook Feedback Page is just one of many 'bonus' items you get just for joining the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0 (at around 49 pennies or cents per day which is NOT EVEN $5 per week!)...

Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0

Actual Join Page...

Here's a recent post from the group...

***Post Begins Here***

Hi All!

Here is a very good list, made by our own Patricia Jankowski, of the common errors new students make when learning classical guitar. As always Patricia, thanks for your excellent help and input...

Hi again Trevor,

May I share with you a list of common errors made by guitar students that I have sort of discovered over the years from various teachers and from my own experience?

Here it is:

1. Pressing the strings too hard with the left hand fingers. When playing, experiment around with this. Pick a simple passage and play it. See just how hard you do have to press the string to get it to sound properly and do this repeatedly. You, and your fingers, will learn how hard you really need to press. Don't press any harder than that, because when you get into longer pieces, you're going to need to conserve your energy.

2. Playing too fast. Doesn't Trevor always say, "Play it slowly at first?" Well, he means it, so don't rush. If you do, you'll regret it and it will only be harder to play later when you try to memorize it and get it right.

3. Not using a metronome and saying to yourself, "Oh, I can play it with an even tempo." No, you can't. Your mind plays tricks on you and when you do plug in the metronome and use it, you will sometimes be amazed, absolutely amazed by how far off being even you actually were.

4. Never recording yourself to hear yourself play. This is a HUGE mistake. You will never sound right if you don't know how you sound. So listen to yourself and record yourself often.

5. Excessive tension and distraction. Let's get real here. The classical guitar is a challenging instrument to play. It's also beautiful, but it is uncompromising and it does not care about your ego, your kids, your life, the TV, the mailman, or anything else. It demands your full and complete attention and total relaxation. When you practice, listen to it. Let it teach you how to play it by seeing how it responds to what you do. If you don't sound good, it wants something else. Give it whatever it wants.

6. Attempting to play pieces that are too difficult, too early. This one can hurt, and we can experience a lot of frustration when we hear an amazing guitarist like, say, David Russell play a beautiful Barrios piece. We want that so bad. But we can't have it until it's time. But the good news is...what we CAN have is just as good. A piece does not have to be difficult in order to be beautiful. Not at all. As you go along, you'll find this out if you take your time, and listen.

***Post Ends Here***

You too can take advantage of this great and helpful group when you join the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0...

Cheers, Trevor M.

P.S. Don't forget, the course is closing down tomorrow and won't be open again for a while as the new students go through the course and develop their skills with all the materials they need in one convenient place. Don't miss the boat...

Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0

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