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Great News - PayPal Button is Now An Option
January 24, 2018

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Thanks for hanging in there with me! There's been a few technical difficulties with buttons and so forth but I'm still standing, as they say :)

A few people have asked me for a PayPal option for the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0. Well, I worked feverishly like a 'mad scientist' all afternoon and can now gladly announce I was able to integrate PayPal into the button option. All should be fine now if you want to use this option.

Go here to join...

If you don't need to watch the video again and want to go straight to the join page go here...

Classical Guitar Study Course


Trevor M.

P.S. Thanks to those who have joined me in the course and have made those nice comments in the portal and to me via email. I'm so glad it's everything you wanted in a Classical Guitar Course!

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