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New Music, Quick Announcement and a Favor...
November 07, 2017

New Music, Quick Announcement and a Favor...

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Hi {!firstname_fix},

I've prepared some new music for you. It's a great and enjoyable Renaissance piece called Wilson's Wilde. You can watch the video and download the fr/ee PDF (including TAB) of the music here...

Videos for Monthly Music page

Just scroll down the page a little and you'll find it easy. BTW if you're new to this newsletter there are quite a few other pieces on that page. You're most welcome to download them too!

Also, I'm very close to finalizing some Classical Guitar training for you. Actually, I've been re-building it from the ground up over the last year and it's almost ready.

Before I do I need to ask you a couple questions. Can you help me out? You can answer the two (2) questions here and get a little more info on the training...


Thanks a bunch,

Trevor M.

P.S. I'm really serious, go ahead and answer the 2 questions. I really don't want to miss anything and get this training right for you.

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