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Your FAQ's Re: the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0 Answered..
January 25, 2018

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There's been a few questions people have been asking me RE: the Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0. I thought if I sent out this quick email I can cover all the points in one go, rather than individually, which is much more time consuming. I hope you don't mind.

FAQ #1: Do you supply TAB for all your sheet music?

Answer: Yes! Every piece of music, whether an actual 'Study' of the 'Masters', or, 'Extra Repertoire' has corresponding music notation AND TAB. I would STRONGLY recommend though that you eventually learn to read music notation. Indeed, I have 'Theory Lessons' in the course that help you achieve that end!

FAQ #2: I'm a late starter. Can I actually improve to be able to play these pieces?

Answer: In a word - DEFINITELY! I don't know if you watched the Fr/ee Video Series right the way through but I mentioned in there that I didn't actually start playing classical guitar until I was about 24 years of age. Luckily, I got the right teacher at the right time, BUT I'm 'living proof' that you can learn classical guitar techniques at an 'advanced' age. I really think it comes down to desire, rather than age. AND, I can give you all the 'shortcuts' so you don't have to go looking everywhere and try to gather up all the resources you need by yourself. I've got them ALL in one place for your convenience!

FAQ #3: What happens if I can't play the lesson after a week goes by?

Answer: Wow! This is an easy one! :) Don't fret is my initial advice. You might have noticed I've said a few times... "It's not a race."

You DON'T need to complete a piece in a strict, rigid 1 week time frame. Some people might, some might not. That's 'par for the course' in EVERYTHING in life. Just go to your own pace and be happy with that. FORGET about what others are doing. Just concentrate on your own playing and improvement and you'll find you will actually improve at a faster rate. It's about how YOU improve, forget about comparing yourself to others!

FAQ # 4: Can I access this course on different devices if I need to?

Answer: Yes indeed! I'm sure it works on ALL devices like iphones, iPads, desk tops etc etc

FAQ #5: Can I use my PayPal account instead of a credit card to access your course?

Answer: 100%

In fact, I just added a button 2 days ago for people to use their PayPal account for additional convenience. Everything is working fine in that department.

O.K. that just about covers the feedback/questions I've been getting. There's around 2 days before I finish this 'Grand Opening" of the 'Classical Guitar Study Course 2.0' before there's a price rise. If you want to get on board before that happens then I suggest you do it NOW and not wait for something to go wrong.

Hopefully, I'll see you inside the portal in a couple of minutes and we can get down to making YOU the classical guitar player you've ALWAYS wanted to be...

Go here to join...

If you don't need to watch the video again and want to go straight to the join page go here...

Classical Guitar Study Course


Trevor M.

P.S. Thanks to those who have joined me in the course and have made those nice comments in the portal and to me via email. I'm so glad it's everything you wanted in a Classical Guitar Course!

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