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Jeffrey McFadden

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"Jeffrey McFadden - Best known for his recordings of guitar music by composers of the romantic era such as Fernando Sor and Napoleon Coste..."

When I heard him play on a disc recently, I was really pleasantly surprised. I'd not heard much about him before but knew straight away what a quality player he was. I'm not just talking about guitar technique I'm talking about being a consummate artist and musician. As you can imagine, there is an enormous difference.

 According to the bio on his webpage McFadden...

"Has been acknowledged as one of the finest guitarists of his generation... He has given World Premieres of works by numerous composers and has been a featured performer at several international music festivals... His playing has received enthusiastic critical acclaim; the "Daily Telegraph" of London (UK) exclaimed "McFadden's ability to make the guitar sing is second to none"...and "Classic CD" has described his playing as "major artistry".

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Back to Jeffrey McFadden...

Indeed, he is a lecturer in guitar at the University of Toronto, say no more! Although Segovia, Williams, Bream and Romero et al deserve their place in the "musical firmament", we should also look to other exciting new talent to inspire and thrill us with magical playing of the highest order.

This, I believe McFadden delivers for us. As Segovia set down the foundations for all future guitarists, there was always going to be succeeding generations that develop and expand on technique, sound quality and repertoire. As mentioned above, McFadden was presented the opportunity to give..."World Premieres of works by numerous composers." You don't get that opportunity unless you're a world class player of exceptional ability!

Here is Jeffrey Mc Fadden, playing in Duo Spiritoso, Falla's La vida breve...

McFadden for me is up there with the greats like Julian Bream and John Williams, though probably hasn't got the ego of those two. Not that there's anything wrong with that! (According to a famous little sitcom you may have heard of :)

I for one will be buying more McFadden discs in the future (or whatever technology he records on in the future:)) and I know I'll be getting much more than the value for money - I'll be deriving pure pleasure!

When I mention that Jeffrey McFadden disc above it's specifically - Sor's Opus 29 No. 21. McFadden plays this harmonic study beautifully. It is most sublime.


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